Introducing The ARK Mod Updater.

We knew that the process to update your ARK game server mods was a long and tedious process. Although we introduced the ARK Remote program as a one click install to all servers, this was not quite the same. Therefore we tasked ourselves with the goal of incorporating an ARK Mod Updater into our system allowing management without the need for a 3rd party application.

Designed in house by our development team, they have been able to provide you with a much easier way to update your ARK: Survival Evolved mods.

ARK Mod Updater In Action

Ark Mod Updater In Action

How does the ARK Mod Updater Work? 

Using the ability to parse the main ARK game server configuration files, it seeks for the ‘ActiveMods=’ settings options.

Once found it can read and understand the MOD ID’s you enter in the main gameusersettings.ini so when you run the ARK Mod Updater program it will automatically seek out the mod files for your chosen mods and download them via Steam.

Yes this even means you can install mods to your server without the need for any 3rd party applications just by adding the MOD ID into the configuration files. No FTP knowledge required!

Can The ARK Mod Updater, Auto Update?

Yes. The ARK Mod updater can even be set to update mods at set times by utilizing TCAdmin’s scheduled task feature.

Did You Say It Will Install Mods?

Yes, yes we did! The ARK Mod Updater tool will also install any mods for you in 3 simple clicks!

  • Edit the configuration file/configuration editor to enter your Mod ID’s into the file.
  • Run the ARK Mod Updater tool using the icon in the control panel

Once complete your chosen mods will be installed on to your server ready for use. No 3rd party Applications. No FTP required, meaning you get into your game faster and more efficiently than ever before. Some mods will require a command line change too.

In Summary. 

Easy To Use.

Our Ark Mod Updater is very easy to use, ensuring your mods are updated easily and with little fuss. Keeping mods up to date has never been so easy.

Installs and Updates

The Ark Mod Updater not only updates your mods, but installs them for you in 3 clicks. No more messing around in FTP or 3rd party applications.

Best Priced Servers

We are the best priced, high performing servers on the market. Join us today and see how easy our tools, like the Ark Mod Updater can make managing your server as easy as it can be.