Ark Ragnarok Expansion

Ark Expansion Now Available – Ragnarok

ARK: Ragnarock Expansion

Ark: Survival Evolved recently released their first free expansion, Ragnarok. This expansion comes with the additional of a new official player created map of the same name, which brings a massive new island to explore. 144sq. kilometers of environments including elements from The Island, and Scorched Earth not to mention brand new biomes. Inlcuding new creatures to go with them from Polar Bears to mystical creatures. Ragnarok is available to use on a ServerBlend, ARK:Survival Evolved game servers as standard. Key features of this expansion map. – A massive 144sq kilometer map. – New harvestable resources. – Cave building of all sizes. – A brand new unique creature to Ragnarok map, and changes to old. – Platform building in all biomes. – Rewarding biomes. – Improved terrain transitions – New challenging dungeons. – Hot springs that provide a buff, but can be deadly. – An active volcano – New ruins to explore or used in your base plans – Unique explorer notes. Purchase your ARK:Survival Evolved game server today and get started in this new world!

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TOP TIP - Ark Auto Mod Management

Auto Mod Management is now available for all ARK:Survival Evolved servers.

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