ARK: Tek Tier

By November 15, 2016May 22nd, 2018Game Server News

ARK: Tek Tier Revealed!

ARK: Tek Tier Reveal Trailer

Ever wanted to be Iron Man? Well with the ARK:Survival Evolved Tek Tier update you will be able to do just that! Use jetpacks and laser rifles to raid your enemies and get this, even equip your dinosaurs with awesome tek tier gear to toughen them up and make them futuristic tanks that your enemies will fear! Your start life on the ARK as normal with you standing in nothing but your shorts and have to develop your character through the tiers and harvesting the resources required to develop these awesome new pieces of equipment. It does not stop there however with this update will bring the ability to build an underwater base to bring a whole new level of immersion to the ARK world! In our opinion, ARK:Survival Evolved just got the revival they was looking for! Purchase ARK: server hosting in preparation for this update today with 10% off using the code ARK10.

ARK: Survival Evolved Auto Mod Management

Sometime ago ARK: Survival Evolved released the ability for servers to auto manage mods using the Steam network, however this never fully worked for everyone and required some tweaking to make possible. At ServerBlend we strive to ensure that all clients can use features that will make running their servers as easy as possible and mods are commonly one of the main reasons for support tickets so we wished to implement another way for you to control your servers. Introducing the ARK Auto Mod Management solution. An easy to use feature that we have introduced that will manage your mods simply by turning on the server. All existing and new clients will have the feature available to them by installing it via the mod manager on the control panel. Once installed, add your mods to the command line and include the command line argument -automanagedmods at the end and start your server where it will take care of the rest. No more hassle of installing the files to the server manually!

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TOP TIP - Ark Auto Mod Management

Auto Mod Management is now available for all ARK:Survival Evolved servers.

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