Blackwake and Hellion Servers

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Spring Has Spring With ServerBlend!

Available Now – Blackwake Servers

Pirates, big ships and large cannons! What more could you want from an FPS shooter game! Take control of your ship and your crew in this savage naval FPS shooter where communication is key. Without an able bodied crew your not likely survive the onslaught of your opponents. Assign takes to your ship mates as Captain and have them repair ye ship and keep you afloat whilst your crew manage the guns and take down those viscous opponents. With multiple game modes available your never run out of the urge to shoot your foe out the waters. Check our our Blackwake server page  and prepare to broadside!

Available Now – Hellion Servers

Set in space on a voyage to a distant solar system where you awaken from cyrosleep but you are not alone and must fight to survive. Set in a persisitent solar system where you can interact with basicly anything around you, you must gather, construct and survive this harsh world of the Hellion solar system. With realistic solar systems and physics including orbital mechanics you must traverse space, but which way it down? This early access game comes with many features and combines the space simulation and survival genres. Can you survive? Check our our Hellion server page and prepare to survive the harsh reality of space.

Available Now! - Blackwake Hosting

Set sail and hoist the colors in this pirate FPS naval action game! Purchase a Blackwake server today!

Available Now - Hellion Servers

Space simulation and survival all in one! Purchase a Hellion server today!


Give us a shout if there is a game or feature we do not have, we can likely arrange this!

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