ARMA3 Exile, Cross ARK travel and New Games Coming To ServerBlend

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September 2016 ServerBlend Update

ARMA 3 Exile Mod


We are proud to announce that the ARMA 3 Exile mod is now available on all ARMA3 server hosting packages with ServerBlend.

The ARMA 3 Exile mod brings the survival genre to ARMA3 with building, gathering, missions and much more!

Your goal in the ARMA 3 Exile mod is to survive, complete missions and earn respect also known as EXP. You can even go and build your own base. The Exile mod includes an in-game economy of sorts where you can sell items and gathered resources. Values can be changed per server, so you make your server unique!

This is available by one click install from the Mod Manager on all ServerBlend ARMA3 servers.

Ark: Scorched Earth and ARK Cluster Servers.

Cross ark travel

Recently ARK released there first paid DLC for ARK:Survival Evolved; Scorched Earth. This DLC brought great new features from a brand new map, called Scorched Earth where you have to survive in a desert style biome with lots of brand new creatures and 50 new items. The map contains six desert style biomes including dunes, high deserts, mountains, canyons, badlands and oasis. Each one has its own style and ecosystem. Along your travels you find ruins, geysers or even ancient cave systems to explore. With the DLC comes an a new feature to the entire ARK series. The ability to cluster your ARK: Survival Evolved servers regardless of maps into one cluster group. With this feature enabled you can then travel between these servers at ease with your character. No more leveling up your character on each map! You can even transfer your favorite creatures and items with you. How cool is that!? At ServerBlend we have this feature enabled and you can take advantage of it at anytime. Simply get in contact with our support team to arrange this for you. – You will require two servers with ServerBlend on the same physical location. Discounts are available to existing customers who require an additional instance. – Scorch Earth content is available on all ServerBlend ARK servers at no cost. If you are not with ServerBlend why not sign up today and take advantage of high performance servers at the best price!

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Coming Soon - Osiris Game Hosting

A brand new survival game, similar to ARK but has many different and new  unique features. Click the image for more details.

Coming Soon - Minecraft Game Hosting
TOP TIP - ARK: Backups

We have recently implemented a brand new and updated backup feature for Ark:Survival Evolved. Be sure to install the new feature via the Mod Manager prior to using the feature!

What is Fragmented, the game?

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Fragmented, a sci-fi RPG that doesnt suck?

If you haven’t heard of Fragmented then you have probably been sleeping under a rock waiting for your DayZ standalone to get out of Early access (which by the way will NOT happen), All jokes aside Fragmented, powered by unreal engine which looks beautiful and complimented.

Fragmented to the highest detail is an early access game on the steam workshop developed by the makers of The Repopulation, Fragmented’s predecessor.

Synopsis of Fragmented?

Your trapped on an alien world, Armed with your hands and little knowledge, you must ensure the survival of the human race, with roaming wildlife, a simple yet elegant resource gathering mechanic and an extensive Building system. You must build survive and create or fight.

So now you’re probably wondering, what does it have to offer?

Well other than patches being released daily, bringing more new content (since for the last 3 days there has been 3 patches), the copious amounts of things to do such as the vast open world to discover or the fact that they have a simple yet refined skill system, with just 8 core skills, telling you exactly what you’re getting when you invest your well earned skill points.

For a game that is only 6 months into development it is surprisingly and refreshingly stable. Are there bugs? Of course there are a few, but the Devs at ABT (Above and Beyond Technologies) are awesome people that have always been very active with their player base and find and kill bugs fast. There have been 11 updates in april alone, full of bug fixes and content.

I’m not one for Survival games normally, because of the open pvp and not being able to even get started before a high level advanced player comes and destroys everything I have built. But here they have different server rules some of them even are just Cooperative servers. Allowing you to customise your server to your needs, whether you want to allow this, or not.

All in all I think for how much has been done so far and what they have planned for the future, Fragmented will be one of the top survival games out there when players start spreading the word.

What are you waiting for?

Jump on in, and start playing, right now with your group of buddies no matter where you are in the world.

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