Dark and Light Game Servers and Torch

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The latest news from ServerBlend!

Dark And Light Game Servers

dark and light

If you was a fan of the original Dark and Light then your love this re-imagined and visually rewarding game of the same name. The reworked and upgraded form from the original game is now available to buy on Steam and we are here to provide your needs for Dark and Light Game servers. Bringing you lush and beautiful biomes and landscapes and introducing many mythical creatures from dragons, griffins and even goblins your adventures are sure to be full of magic whilst you wield powers of magic. Help to fight against or embrace the darkness? That is your choice and only you can choose your own destiny to save your planet. Purchase your Dark and Light game server today and start your epic journey!

Torch For Space Engineers – Coming Very Soon!


We are currently working hard and fast to bring you ‘Torch’ the successor to SE Server Extender. This tool features many server administration tools to make it easier for server owners to keep their dedicated servers running smoothly and greatly assists with the running and performance of Space Engineers servers. Currently this tool has two great performance and administration tools many will remember from the original SESE.

  • Essentials: Adds a slew of chat commands and other tools to help manage your server.
  • Concealment: Adds game logic and physics optimisations that significantly improve sim speed.

Be sure to watch out for news very soon about how you can take advantage of this great tool.

Available Now! - Factorio Game Servers!

Create, defend and play with your friends in this Factory Early Access Game. Purchase a Factorio server today!

Available now - Blackwake

Work together in this realistic shooter.

TOP TIP - Ark Auto Mod Management

Auto Mod Management is now available for all ARK:Survival Evolved servers.

10% Discount On Ark Servers

Purchase your ARK server hosting today using the promo code ARK10 for 10%

Minecraft EU Now Available.

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EU Minecraft servers are now available!

Available Now – EU Minecraft Servers

Get your creative hat on and start placing those blocks to generate worlds of your imagination with Minecraft servers, now available in the EU. Using the advanced Multicraft control panel you can manage your Minecraft server with ease. With high performance servers using dedicated Intel Xeon processors with fast RAM and CPU speeds and SSD drives as standard. You can be sure your server is on the best hardware. Change your server using custom mods and plugins to ensure your server runs how you want it to. Your limit is only your imagination. Purchase your Minecraft server today!  

Our Reviews

Coming Soon - Empyrion - Galactic Survival

Space building simulation game, Empyrion – Galactic Survival. Coming Soon!

Coming Soon - Squad Servers

Team based, multiplayer FPS. Coming soon!


Give us a shout if there is a game or feature we do not have, we can likely arrange this!

10% Discount On All Servers

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ARMA3 Exile, Cross ARK travel and New Games Coming To ServerBlend

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September 2016 ServerBlend Update

ARMA 3 Exile Mod


We are proud to announce that the ARMA 3 Exile mod is now available on all ARMA3 server hosting packages with ServerBlend.

The ARMA 3 Exile mod brings the survival genre to ARMA3 with building, gathering, missions and much more!

Your goal in the ARMA 3 Exile mod is to survive, complete missions and earn respect also known as EXP. You can even go and build your own base. The Exile mod includes an in-game economy of sorts where you can sell items and gathered resources. Values can be changed per server, so you make your server unique!

This is available by one click install from the Mod Manager on all ServerBlend ARMA3 servers.

Ark: Scorched Earth and ARK Cluster Servers.

Cross ark travel

Recently ARK released there first paid DLC for ARK:Survival Evolved; Scorched Earth. This DLC brought great new features from a brand new map, called Scorched Earth where you have to survive in a desert style biome with lots of brand new creatures and 50 new items. The map contains six desert style biomes including dunes, high deserts, mountains, canyons, badlands and oasis. Each one has its own style and ecosystem. Along your travels you find ruins, geysers or even ancient cave systems to explore. With the DLC comes an a new feature to the entire ARK series. The ability to cluster your ARK: Survival Evolved servers regardless of maps into one cluster group. With this feature enabled you can then travel between these servers at ease with your character. No more leveling up your character on each map! You can even transfer your favorite creatures and items with you. How cool is that!? At ServerBlend we have this feature enabled and you can take advantage of it at anytime. Simply get in contact with our support team to arrange this for you. – You will require two servers with ServerBlend on the same physical location. Discounts are available to existing customers who require an additional instance. – Scorch Earth content is available on all ServerBlend ARK servers at no cost. If you are not with ServerBlend why not sign up today and take advantage of high performance servers at the best price!

Purchase Your Ark Server Today!

Coming Soon - Osiris Game Hosting

A brand new survival game, similar to ARK but has many different and new  unique features. Click the image for more details.

Coming Soon - Minecraft Game Hosting
TOP TIP - ARK: Backups

We have recently implemented a brand new and updated backup feature for Ark:Survival Evolved. Be sure to install the new feature via the Mod Manager prior to using the feature!

June Newsletter

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Welcome to our June 2016 Newsletter, keeping you up to date.

Summer Sale

Our summer sale is now under way! Simply click and purchase for a whole summer of gaming. This coincides with the Steam summer sale so try those new games out with a server from Server Blend!

Now has never been a better time to host your server with Server Blend.

‘Rust’ Competition
If you missed our competition there is still time to enter and have a chance of winning a copy of ‘Rust’ Simply enter by going to our Freebies page.


We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Enjin. Through this Server Blend clients can enjoy the benefit of building a website for your Server • Guild • Clan or Gaming Community. More importantly using the Server Blend voucher grants 45 days on the Advanced plan for new websites. This is available to all existing clients via their control panels.

Ark server tools
Over the last month we have been working hard to improve server tools available to make life easier for Ark server clients. By request we have added many new tools including a Ark Mod Updater, A manual mod updater, ARK RCON, and the ability to save the existing world via the control panel. Read more about this.

If you do not have an Ark server with us then switch today with our free and easy transfer service!
New Game / Voice Hosting Available.

Since our rebrand we now have new game hosting available for popular games and more to come in the future. We now provide Teamspeak 3 servers as well! If we do not have a game you think we should then please let us know.

New Games

Sponsorship Opportunities.

We’re always on the lookout for people, communities and businesses to provide sponsorship. So if you run a website, Twitch/Youtube channel or perhaps something we have not thought of then do get in touch. We love to hear new ideas and we want to get behind you with a ServerBlend sponsorship. Read more about sponsorship and apply at our Sponsorship page.


HostASpace name change to: ServerBlend

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 Hello all

Today we announce some exciting news, we’ve officially changed our name from HostASpace, to ServerBlend, this brings along lots of exciting changes which i will tell you about below.

First, there are a few important bits for current and past clients.

  1. All PayPal subscriptions had to be cancelled with this change, you must pay your invoice manually to avoid your game server being cancelled.

  2. We’re the same team, so expect the same great service! Just under a different name.

  3. The new brand (name) is still under the same holding company; Interiginal LTD, so your bills will show the same.

logo with text resizedfinal.fw


  Now for the full details

This change was meant for one main purpose, to be able to provide people with the ability to choose what they want, and just that.
So people no longer have to pay high prices for services they don’t need.

This allows us to price our game servers cheaper than other providers, we guarantee it. Find someone cheaper and we will beat them by 5%!

We now provide more game servers, with more coming in the future, including:

ARK: Survival Evolved from £6.95 for 30 slots
Space Engineers from £6.95 for 10 slots
Kerbal Space Program for 10 slots
Rust from £4.95 for 50 slots
HurtWorld from £6.95 for 30 slots
7 Days To Die (Coming soon, contact to reserve yours)
Minecraft (Coming soon, contact to reserve yours)

These prices are subject to change, so act quick to lock in the price now whilst its this low.
If you’re a current client and would like to change to the new pricing, feel free to get in touch and we can make the changes for you.

We have developed a unique custom system where people have the ability to build their own game server to go with our aim to let people choose just what they want.
It allows the user to choose the hardware of the dedicated server their game server will be on, such as the Location, CPU, RAM and Drive.
Giving you the option to start with a cheaper lower end game server, then move more powerful when you need it, or just choose your exact hardware configuration.

Coming in the near future

  • Dedicated servers
  • Team Speak voice servers
  • Web Hosting
  • More game servers

Check back soon to see these when they come first

If you have any questions about these changes or want to know more, do not hesitate to contact the support team who are more than happy to help.