How to connect to your game server

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There are two main ways to connect to your server which are outlined below.

Connecting via Steam server browser

1) Open steam
2) Navigate to the view tab and then click servers followed by favourites

3) Then click “Add A Server”
4) Enter your IP address and port into the field provided (e.g.
5) Then click “Add this address to favourites”.

6) You should now be able to connect to your server from the favourites menu in steam by selecting the desired server from the list and clicking “connect”.

Connecting via an in-game server browser

In this section we will explain how to connect to the server via the in-game browser, we will use Space Engineers as an example, however this can be done with any game that has an in-game browser functionality, however the method to set online mode to public and more will vary depending on the game. 

1) Go to your server dashboard (control panel) and click “game configurations”.
2) Click the “Network” tab.
3) Change “Online mode” to public

4) Navigate to the in-game server browser.
5) Search for your server in the search box using the servers name and find it in the list.
6) Click connect.

Coming soon
— How to set as public for other games such as ARK: Survival Evolved.
— How to connect to other games like Minecraft.
— How to create a shortcut to connect to the server

How to resolve lag on your Space Engineers Server

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When there’s lag on a Space Engineers server there are three likely reasons as to why its happening:

  1. A map issue
  2. A mod issue
  3. An issue with configuration or in-game script.

The most likely reason is that the server is experiencing map issues which can be resolved by following this article.

How to perform a map clean-up to reduce lag

Step 1 – Download your world and extract it to your local saves

Firstly you need to go to your server dashboard (Control panel) and click on “Maps Manager”.  Then right click on the world you want to clean-up and download it.

Once your map has downloaded, extract it to your local saves folder. Open the start menu and type ” %appdata% ” , then click space engineers followed by saves and finally a folder named by a long number, extract your map to this location.

Step 2 – Download SE Toolbox

Download SE Toolbox using the following link. Please note that the in-game tool (Space Master) will result in a less efficient clean-up.

Click releases and then click the download link ending “en.msi”.

Step 3 – Run SE Toolbox

Once you have downloaded the SE Toolbox run the program as administrator and select your map from the list and open it.

Step 4 – Deleting unwanted grids

You should now be able to see everything in your world. You will now want to work through this list of world objects and delete anything that is unwanted by players. This includes all auto generated grids, generically named grids (e.g. small ship xxxx), pirates, debris and anything else you no longer want to keep. 

An efficient way we recommend you do this is by naming anything you want with “KEEP”, this will ensure that you can quickly identify objects which are important and should not be deleted and therefore a much more effective clean-up giving a more lag free experience. To delete items select them from the list and press the delete button:

Step 5 – Save world

Once you are happy that you have deleted all unwanted grids and entities , save your updated world and close SE Toolbox. Note that you will only be able to save your updated world if you are running SE Toolbox as administrator.

Step 6 – Compress the save file

After the clean-up process you need to relocate the map save folder:  

space engineers > saves > (folder named by long number)  

Send the contents to a compressed zip folder:  

Right click > Send to > Compressed Folder

Note that it must be a .Zip folder as 7Zip or RAR files will not work.

Step 7 – Upload the file

Upload your compressed zip folder to the map manager.

Step 8 – Load World

Once the world has been uploaded right click on it and click load.

Step 9 – Start Server

Finally start your server and if the clean-up has been performed correctly then you should see a dramatic increase in server performance. Ensure you perform a clean-up every few days or when you see a decrease in performance and you will be running smoothly for a while to come. If you experience any difficulties when performing a clean-up make sure to let us know and we will be happy to assist. You can contact us by clicking here.

How to fix an in-game script issue which may be causing lag

Go to your server dashboard (Control panel) and click game configurations. Now stop your server by hovering over quick actions and clicking “Stop Server”.

Navigate to the gameplay tab and disable in-game scripts.

Now restart the server and if the problem is no longer happening then you have confirmed that it must be an in-game script issue. This type of issue comes from a script someone has made in-game using a programmable block or a mod. If it is an issue with a programmable block then either remove or disable blocks until you find the one causing the script problem.

Otherwise it must be an issue with a mod which can be solved using the following section.

How to fix a mod issue which may be causing lag

Go to your server dashboard (Control panel) and click game configurations. Now stop your server by hovering over quick actions and clicking “Stop Server”.

To test if it is a mod causing the lag we will remove all the mods and check if the problem has been resolved, if so then we know it must be a mod. You then need to re add mods one by one until the problem starts again, at this point remove the problem mod and notify the mod developer of the issue.