SESM Update, Squad and Torch Released!

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The latest news from ServerBlend!

SESM Control Panel Updates

We are pleased to announce that releasing soon is the latest update to our popular SESM control panel. Due to popular request we have been ensuring we bring the control panel options that you have been requesting to make hosting simple. This update will provide up to date settings options, resolving auto update bugs and map generation and more! Never has hosting your Space Engineers server been so easy to do! Take advantage of our custom control panel today by ordering your Space Engineers with us today!

Torch For Space Engineers


Torch, the successor to the popular Server Extender is now available on our Space Engineers hosting. This tool features many server administration tools to make it easier for server owners to keep their dedicated servers running smoothly and greatly assists with the running and performance of Space Engineers servers. Currently this tool has two great performance and administration tools many will remember from the original SESE. Essentials: Adds a slew of chat commands and other tools to help manage your server. Concealment: Adds game logic and physics optimisations that significantly improve sim speed. Be sure to watch out for news very soon about how you can take advantage of this great tool. This is currently available on our TCAdmin control panel, and we are working on implementation to our SESM panel. Torch is a NEW 3rd party tool provided to clients whom choose to use this. However due to this bugs and issues can occur from using 3rd party tools. In these instances we must wait for Torch to be updated to resolve any issues as we have no control over this tools development.

Squad Game Servers

Squad game servers, will soon be ready for purchase here at ServerBlend!  

Available Now! - Factorio Game Servers!

Create, defend and play with your friends in this Factory Early Access Game. Purchase a Factorio server today!

Available now - Blackwake

Work together in this realistic shooter.

TOP TIP - Have you upgraded?

Upgrading your SE server to our premium servers can bring many performance improvements! Contact us for more details.

10% Discount On Ark Servers

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June Newsletter

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Welcome to our June 2016 Newsletter, keeping you up to date.

Summer Sale

Our summer sale is now under way! Simply click and purchase for a whole summer of gaming. This coincides with the Steam summer sale so try those new games out with a server from Server Blend!

Now has never been a better time to host your server with Server Blend.

‘Rust’ Competition
If you missed our competition there is still time to enter and have a chance of winning a copy of ‘Rust’ Simply enter by going to our Freebies page.


We are pleased to announce our new partnership with Enjin. Through this Server Blend clients can enjoy the benefit of building a website for your Server • Guild • Clan or Gaming Community. More importantly using the Server Blend voucher grants 45 days on the Advanced plan for new websites. This is available to all existing clients via their control panels.

Ark server tools
Over the last month we have been working hard to improve server tools available to make life easier for Ark server clients. By request we have added many new tools including a Ark Mod Updater, A manual mod updater, ARK RCON, and the ability to save the existing world via the control panel. Read more about this.

If you do not have an Ark server with us then switch today with our free and easy transfer service!
New Game / Voice Hosting Available.

Since our rebrand we now have new game hosting available for popular games and more to come in the future. We now provide Teamspeak 3 servers as well! If we do not have a game you think we should then please let us know.

New Games

Sponsorship Opportunities.

We’re always on the lookout for people, communities and businesses to provide sponsorship. So if you run a website, Twitch/Youtube channel or perhaps something we have not thought of then do get in touch. We love to hear new ideas and we want to get behind you with a ServerBlend sponsorship. Read more about sponsorship and apply at our Sponsorship page.