Our Game Server Control Panels

We use two different control panels for our game server hosting, this page will show you all about them.


Our specialist Space Engineers and Medieval Engineers game server control panel.

We started out with Space Engineers, and are well known for our leading SESM control panel. Revolutionizing the way you configure and control your Space Engineers game server (Medieval Engineers too). Check boxes, switches, drag and drop upload, setting boxes, automatic mod down-loader and installer using a simple mod ID box and an inbuilt file manager, making it easier than ever to configure your Space Engineers game server!

Suiting those who just want to get down and game, and those who are more experienced and want more control.

Some features of our Space Engineers game server control panel

  • Server auto start
  • 3 levels of automated backup
  • Space Engineers Server Extender capability
  • Space Engineers Server Extender plugins / add-ons allowed
  • Custom map upload
  • Map creator
  • Map download
  • Workshop modding
  • Server performance statistics
  • File explorer
  • User friendly
  • Beautiful design
  • Complete and easy server configuration
  • Feature rich
  • Fully mobile friendly
  • Fast and responsive
  • Start/Stop/Kill control
  • Procedural generated and exploration capability
  • Multiple admin access
Space Engineers server backups in SESM

SESM backup settings

Space Engineers server settings in SESM

SESM Configuration

Space Engineers server map manager in SESM

SESM Map manager

Space engineers server file explorer in SESM

SESM File Explorer

Space Engineers server dashboard in SESM

SESM Dashboard

Space Engineers server performance monitor in SESM

SESM Performance Monitor

The best think is that all of these work in harmony together!

So for example, you can have a Space Engineers Server Extender activated world, with Server Extender plugins and workshop modding all working together.

sesm with sese

Our previous name was HostASpace. We changed to Serverblend in February 2016


Not just the box standard Tcadmin control panel! 

Our control panel for most of our game servers, including: ARK: Survival Evolved, Rust, 7 Days to Die, ARMA 3, and many more.

Time to experience our highly customized TcAdmin game server control panel, with advanced features exclusive to ServerBlend!

Some features of our TcAdmin game server control panel

  • Easy configuration editor
  • Command line manager
  • RCON
  • Mod installer and updater
  • ARK Remote
  • Automatic backups
  • One click updates
  • File explorer
  • FTP Access
  • Server performance statistics
  • User friendly
  • Advanced configuration capability
  • Feature rich
  • Mobile friendly
  • Fast and responsive
  • Start/Stop control
  • Past server activity
  • Multiple admin access
  • Scheduled restarts
  • Scheduled tasks such as automatic RCON commands
ARK server mod updater in TcAdmin

Mod updater

TcAdmin scheduled tasks, ARK mod update

Scheduled tasks

ARK server dashboard in Tcadmin

Control panel dashboard

ARK server settings in TcAdmin

Server settings

ARK server settings in TcAdmin

TcAdmin Configuration Editor