Low Ping Network

This page will give you an overview of our low ping game server hosting locations and help you make the best choice when purchasing your game server or voice server.

All our datacenters are picked with the network performance in mind, ensuring all our game and voice servers are provided with high performance and optimised networking for a low ping experience. However their are some differences between them, these will be shown below.

Montreal, Canada

Our best network location in North America for the United States and Canada. It also boasts a fantastic connection overseas to the UK and Europe, making it a great choice if your players are in both continents.

An important note is that even though a location is closer to you, it does not mean that you will get a better connection from it or a lower ping, it all depends on the datacenter’s network links and providers. This is a key point in why we don’t have many other locations in the US. We find they provide little difference to actual performance, and that Montreal works better in most cases.

DDOS Protected.
Fantastic network links around the United States, Canada and to the EU.
1GB uplink on all services
Recommended to all clients in the United States, Canada and who have people connecting from Europe, but with most players connecting from the US and Canada.

Estimated ping
New York
= 12ms, St Louis = 30ms, Los Angeles = 68ms, London = 92ms

Paris, North France

This location offers low ping game servers and voice servers in Europe and surrounding countries, it also has great network links to East United States and East Canada.

DDOS Protected
Fantastic network links throughout Europe and across the ocean to the United States
1GB uplink on all services
Recommended to clients in Europe, surrounding countries and who have a few people connecting from East United States.

Estimated ping
= 8ms, Madrid = 21ms, Stockholm = 21ms, New York = 83ms

low ping server hosting locations
Montreal, Canada
Paris, North France
Kansas City, Missouri
Dallas, Texas


Great for low ping game servers in Europe and surrounding countries. This location is best for experiencing our “Performance+” standard game servers which have a faster CPU clock speed than our other standard game servers.

DDOS protection
Great network connections throughout Europe
Slightly slower connection to the United States than our North France datacenter
Recommended when most or all of your players are in Europe and surrounding countries.
This location also offers faster standard “performance+” game server hardware

Estimated ping
London = 15
ms, Stockholm = 27ms, Warsaw = 28ms, New York = 98ms, ,

Kansas City, Missouri

We use this location mainly for Minecraft game servers, however ARK: Survival Evolved game servers are also available here, however Cross-ARK cannot be used here (Cross-ARK is available in all our other locations)

Linux operating system
100% SSD drives
Great network connection to nearby locations in the United States
Recommended to clients looking for a Minecraft server or ARK: Survival Evolved (without cross-ark) in nearby States.