Medieval Engineers Multiplayer

By May 6, 2015May 22nd, 2018Game Server News

The time has come, Medieval Engineers releases multiplayer, with dedicated server support.

Now you can build, destroy and wage war with other people.
Create contraptions, siege machines, drawbridges, gates and more. Take down your friends cancel, use a trojan horse to get inside and destroy inside to out.

All the features that are in the single player version of Medieval Engineers, will also be available in the multiplayer version, so creative and survival mode, construction, structural integrity, mechanical parts, blueprints, mods, synchronized daytime and AI, which includes Barbarians, Peasants and Deers.

One interesting new thing that has come with the update 2.015 is the ability to be able to switch to a any character model in the game, such as the Deer. Which I myself can imagine so pretty funny things happening in multiplayer with this feature. The video that i will put below make it looks pretty funny. With the pun “Deer Engineers”.

me image


With this introduction of multiplayer, we now provide Medieval Engineers game server hosting, enabling you to play 24/7 on our powerful servers with low ping and no lag. We are also an official host for Medieval Engineers. 

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