Today we have some very exciting news! 

Over the past month we have been investigating a way to be able to offer THE, (or one of) the most powerful game servers in the game hosting Industry.

We are now able to provide that with our new custom server hardware!

- An i7-7700K, clocked to a shocking 4.7 GHz.

- DDR4 RAM, clocked to an outstanding speed of 2400 MHz

- The New, NVME type storage, which is faster than a standard SSD.

- Advanced Game Based DDOS Protection.

This hardware has seen incredible performance gains for our clients who have already upgraded during our testing phase.

One example would be for Space Engineers, where we saw a huge, very active world that could only achieve around a 0.4 sim speed on our standard hardware, shoot up to a stable 1.0 almost all the time! This is unheard of for very large and active Space Engineers servers which makes it a very exciting development. 

This hardware comes at a cost of only + £13 on our standard packaged game servers. Which for the performance you're getting, I am sure you will agree is worth it. For larger slot servers, we can also do big slot discounts on this hardware to save money.


We are confident that upon upgrading you will be outstanded by the performance of this server, however if not, or you don't feel its worth it, we will refund the upgrade 100% within 24 hours of the upgrade.


This hardware is currently only available in our Montreal, Canada location, however with success of this hardware we will be opening it in the EU too, therefore please reply letting us know you are interested in this in the EU!


To upgrade, either: 

- Send an email to support(at)serverblend(dot)com, or submit a ticket via your client area, or here

- Through your client area, by going to Services > My Services > Click on the service you would like to upgrade > Upgrade > Choose "Custom game server 1M"

- Or if purchasing a new server, you can do so via: - PLEASE NOTE: Not all game servers can be purchased through here for this hardware at this time, if you do not see your game available on that hardware, please contact us and we will put the order through for you our side. 


Stock's are in very short supply so be quick to get your place. We can also take pre-orders for when more stock comes available. 


If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Monday, May 1, 2017

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