Build your own game server

This hardware configuration tool enables you to select the hardware your game server is placed on, in a shared hosting environment. The tool is only for a select few of our game servers, to view ALL our game servers, and their industry leading prices, please click here.

On this page, select your game of choice, location, processor, memory and drive type and at the end you will be given a price for the hardware configuration you have chosen. It is so flexible you can play around with the options to find the right setup for you. The best part is that even after order you can change your configuration whenever you wish. Want to start with a small, cheap server, then expand as your community grows? Now you can with our build your own game server system.

1) Choose your game


ARK: Survival Evolved


Kerbal Space Program

Medieval Engineers

Space Engineers



7 Days to Die

2) Choose the location

Montreal, Canada (Eastern NA)

North France (West EU)

3) Choose the processor

Dual E5-2670 v2 | Up To 2.85GHz | Standard Performance

Single E5-1620 v2 | Up To 3.7GHz | Extreme performance

Single E5-1650 V3 | Up To 3.7GHz | Higher Performance

Single i7-7700K | Up To 4.7GHz | Ultra Performance

4) Choose the memory

128GB DDR4 RAM @ 2133 MHz

256GB DDR3 RAM @ 1600MHz

128GB DDR3 RAM @ 1600MHz

64GB DDR4 RAM @ 2400 MHz

5) Choose the drive type



NVME Storage (Faster than a standard SSD!)

Configure your game server to see the price per month