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ARK: Survival Evolved Game Server (Premium)

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--Typical System Specs--

Custom Dedicated Server Hardware (Shared Hosting Game Server)
•Advanced Game DDOS Protection
--Core Features--

•Instant Setup
•100% Dedicated Hardware, no Virtual/Cloud Servers!
•Quality Network Providing Low Pings
•DDOS Protection
•Customised TcAdmin Control Panel with Full FTP Access
•Easy Setup with Configuration Editor
•Automatic Install and Update for all Workshop Mods
•ARK Server API One Click Install for all Plugins
•All DLC, Event, Official and Modded maps
•ARK Server Clustering Supported

--Extra Service Features--

•Public Pay (Receive payments to your account from anyone you provide your unique link)
•Cross Ark Chat Discord Bot.
•Expert Technical Support
•14 Day Satisfaction Based Refund
•5 Star Rated Service
--Version Information--
Please note, these servers are for the STEAM or EPIC GAMES version of ARK only, and will not work with the Xbox, Playstation4 (PS4) or the Windows Store version of ark.

--Help Desk--

We have an extensive help desk solution to help with common configuration queries.

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Single i7-7700K, Speed of up to 4.2 - 5GHz. •CPU Installed
  • DDR4, Speed of 2400MHz. •RAM Installed
  • NVME/SSD Location Dependant. •Drives Installed
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