Torch Commands

Here are some example commands that you can use with Torch, Torch Essentials plugin and Torch Concealment plugin

!entities refresh
!blocks off type Assembler
!blocks on type Assembler
!blocks off type projector
!blocks on type projector
!blocks off type ShipWelder
!blocks on type ShipWelder
!blocks off type ShipGrinder
!blocks on type ShipGrinder
!blocks off type MyProgrammableBlock
!blocks on type MyProgrammableBlock
!blocks off type LargeGatlingTurret
!blocks on type LargeGatlingTurret
!blocks off type Projector
!blocks on type Projector
!blocks off type Refinery
!blocks on type Refinery
!blocks off type TimerBlock
!blocks on type TimerBlock
!cleanup delete notype noownership
!cleanup scan blocksize 5734
!cleanup scan notype noownership

!cleanup scan blockslessthan 10
!cleanup scan blocksgreaterthan 3000
!cleanup delete ownedby Ragonz (delete any item owned by player called Ragonz)
!cleanup delete notype (delete any item that has notype)
!cleanup delete hastype refinery (delete all refineries)
!cleanup delete hassubtype largethruster (delete all sectors which have in them a "largethruster")
!cleanup delete blockslessthan 1000 (delete any blocks within a sector which has less than 100 total blocks)
!cleanup delete blocksgreaterthan 100000 (delete any blocks within a sector which has more than 100000 total blocks)
!cleanup delete notype beacon blockslessthan 100 (delete any blocks within a sector that doesnt have a beacon and has less than 100 blocks)

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