Reverting to a previous ARK:Survival Evolved save.

Firstly you need to back up your saved folder incase of error, or something goes wrong.

1) Login to your control panel at with the login details emailed to you.
2) Go to the File Manager > ShooterGame > Saved
3) After clicking on the "Saved" folder, click on the Create Zip button.
5) Download this zip for your backups.

Before we go any further you need to know more about what the Saved folder contains. For your ARK to load correctly, three key files are required:

  • 'TheIsland.ARK' - This is your current loaded save.
  • 'xxxxxxxxx.arkprofile' - These are the profiles and configurations of players who have joined your server. These are created as people play on your server.
  • 'xxxxxxxxx.arktribe' - These are the tribe profiles and configurations of tribes on the server. These are created as people create tribes on your server.

The server will load missing the player and tribe files however if you create a tribe and this file then got deleted/moved your server would not load your tribe information causing you to be tribeless. This is the same principle for player profiles.

Reverting your save.

Go into the "SavedArks" folder, and you will see lots of files, some of them will be in a similar format too: "TheIsland_22.06.2015_11.50.39.ark", which goes: MAP_DATE_TIME.

These are your hard saves, and you do not need them all, you only need the most recent few, as the older ones will no longer be used and just old saves, depreciated saves.

Rename the existing 'TheIsland.ARK' to 'OldTheIsland.Ark' then find the "TheIsland_22.06.2015_11.50.39.ark" file you wish to use and rename that file 'TheIsland.Ark'.

Once you have done this, 'start' your server and you should be all set to go.

If you require any assistance at all with this please contact the Support Team.

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