Space Engineers Planets Now Available!

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Planets for Space Engineers, have been out for a few weeks now, and we, with so many others have been busy enjoying it!
Space Engineers planets even took over my Fallout 4 play time! 

But it was defiantly worth it, Space Engineers planets release, has been Space Engineers biggest update yet, adding so much to the game. Keen Software House have gone above and beyond for creating these planets, above what any company has attempted to achieve before.

The planets have some key features that we did not think would be possible, but have been achieved:

1) They have an atmosphere. That’s right, like the our one and only planet Earth, the planets in Space Engineers have an atmosphere which you can see from Space and travel through to land on the planet

2) Space Engineers planets have actual gravity fields, meaning they will pull you and any other ship into the planet if not correctly in orbit. Just like real life! Making it even more scary to have a battle in close proximity to a planet… What if an important part of your ship breaks off, and hurtles down to the planet? You would have to race after it to pick it up before it smashes into the planet and gets destroyed.

3) Different planets, moons and varying gravity fields and atmospheres. So you would need to calculate if you have enough fuel to break the atmosphere upon returning to space, or if you can take your helmet off on the planet. As it may not have oxygen in the atmosphere, or it may be a really strong gravity field.

4) Huge planets, out of this world… 60-120km in size, and spherical. Astonishing.

Here’s a video for you to enjoy on the Space Engineers planets in action:

What’s even better?

You can experience these planets, in an exceptionaly smooth, responsive and lag free multiplayer gaming.

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Space Engineers – Full Source Code Access

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Full source code access has now been released for Space Engineers, but along with that there’s a $100,000 fund for mod developers whom are building total conversion mods based on Space Engineers or the VRAGE engine.

Total conversion mods are mods that ignore the limits of the ModAPI, and are able to do this, through full access to the source code. Developer can mod anything they want in the game. They can even use it to create a whole new standalone game. These types of modifications can be in-secure, and therefore wont be uploaded to the Steam workshop, and must be distributed other ways. Keen have said that they are happy to help anyone who wants to release the mod on steam either as a standalone game or through DLC as such could do it through their help, and to contact them to go that route.

Another plus for the source code release is that modders will be able to create more extravagant mods, and will have more freedom and power to mod what they want, and as long as its not a total conversion mod, can be placed on the steam workshop for our enjoyment! Modders who want to get involved with developing and improving the ModAPI now have the chance to do so.

The $100,000 fund will be a grant, with no strings attached. Similar to how the Unreal Engine does it. KeenSWH, can also provide PR, marketing and promotion on social media.


Does this mean that they are going open source with Space engineers?

Absolutely NOT, KeenSWH want to make this clear that they are in no way abandoning development of the game with this. They are doing it because they want to give more freedom to modders, that have been a big part in the games continued success. Space engineers still sells well, and because of this, with quote from Marek’s blog post “Only a crazy person would abandon the game!”.


What about the legality of it all?

There are quite a few legal constraints with this release, and they have a full EULA, which you can read here.
If you don’t want to go through all the legal stuff in the EULA, they have outlined the key points on what you can and cannot do on the blog post which you can read about here.


More news on planets

Some previews of planets in space engineers, have been released, and wow do they look impressive. pictures of the ships landed on planet with a sunrise, an atmosphere, and mountains! Of course there is more to come, and its only an early alpha view of them, they still need planets, trees, grass and maybe different biomes. But it shows that it is coming, its not far, and it looks exciting!

se planets 1se planets 2se planets 3se planets 4



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Medieval Engineers Multiplayer

By Game Server News

The time has come, Medieval Engineers releases multiplayer, with dedicated server support.

Now you can build, destroy and wage war with other people.
Create contraptions, siege machines, drawbridges, gates and more. Take down your friends cancel, use a trojan horse to get inside and destroy inside to out.

All the features that are in the single player version of Medieval Engineers, will also be available in the multiplayer version, so creative and survival mode, construction, structural integrity, mechanical parts, blueprints, mods, synchronized daytime and AI, which includes Barbarians, Peasants and Deers.

One interesting new thing that has come with the update 2.015 is the ability to be able to switch to a any character model in the game, such as the Deer. Which I myself can imagine so pretty funny things happening in multiplayer with this feature. The video that i will put below make it looks pretty funny. With the pun “Deer Engineers”.

me image


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Planets, Oxygen and Multi-player Optimisations Coming to Space Engineers.

By Game Server News

That’s right! What we’ve all been asking for, has been announced! This is extremely exciting news, and even those who don’t play Space Engineers, should be excited about this. It will add HUGE things to Space Engineers, beyond what any of us really thought would be possible.

All of the people who thought the Space Engineers on Xbox One and Medieval Engineers announcement was a bad thing, this shows differently! It shows that the developers of Space Engineers really are as dedicated to the game as we hoped! All the changes and additions that a lot of us may have been concerned about, has now been shown to help improve Space Engineers. Now understand, that these are long term goals, no time for completion has been set, and some aspects may change. Let me explain…


Planets in Space Engineers was announced to be coming, which is pretty much our number 1 asked for feature, so the developers have listened and are making plans to put this in. One of those was starting their new game Medieval Engineers, has in fact enabled them to create planets, with terrain, trees, grass etc in the new game. Which as of it now being created for this game, will be able to be converted, (with of course, certain code changes and tweaks) but be added to Space Engineers in the form of PLANETS!

But thats not only thing in this aspect, Marek Rosa, has also announced that Oxygen has been planned to be added along with Planets, however does say that this is not sure 100% yet, as it would depend on feedback from everyone, and how challenging it actually is to develop. But adding this would allow, the really exciting feature of the makeshift zones we have created already to simulate an airlock zone in a Space Ship, but would this time make it a reality. So you would need to have areas, that are designated air locks, which must be used before you leave the ship! What’s even more exciting, is the fact that this would make, when you crash or someone attacks your ship, and blows a hole in the side, a REAL DANGER. Rather than just being like “oh dear, theres a hole in ship…”, and doing nothing about it, we would have to fix the area as soon as possible, and also put on space suits, or move to other sections of the space ship that are still oxygenated. Which after a battle, but the cockpit remaining intact, then leaving that area to fix the ship, dangerous, and exciting due to their being no oxygen. Maybe you would have to try and run to the space suit area, whilst holding your breath and your health ticking down….


Multi-player optimisations

Multi-player is good at the stage it is in, but far from perfect, and is not compatible with the Xbox One developed version of the game. So Keen Software House, are going to be developing a new networking library. Which will allow for better control messages and channel priorities, which will reduce multi-player lag and waiting periods! Which is excellent news! All optimisations are of course, fully welcomed by all of us who play Space Engineers, and even though it is an exciting new feature such as Planets, it will enable us to all enjoy the game more!


I hope you enjoyed my blog post on the latest announcement from Marek Rosa on the development on Space Engineers, and check back later for more exciting news!


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