Planets, Oxygen and Multi-player Optimisations Coming to Space Engineers.

By February 19, 2015March 5th, 2016Game Server News

That’s right! What we’ve all been asking for, has been announced! This is extremely exciting news, and even those who don’t play Space Engineers, should be excited about this. It will add HUGE things to Space Engineers, beyond what any of us really thought would be possible.

All of the people who thought the Space Engineers on Xbox One and Medieval Engineers announcement was a bad thing, this shows differently! It shows that the developers of Space Engineers really are as dedicated to the game as we hoped! All the changes and additions that a lot of us may have been concerned about, has now been shown to help improve Space Engineers. Now understand, that these are long term goals, no time for completion has been set, and some aspects may change. Let me explain…


Planets in Space Engineers was announced to be coming, which is pretty much our number 1 asked for feature, so the developers have listened and are making plans to put this in. One of those was starting their new game Medieval Engineers, has in fact enabled them to create planets, with terrain, trees, grass etc in the new game. Which as of it now being created for this game, will be able to be converted, (with of course, certain code changes and tweaks) but be added to Space Engineers in the form of PLANETS!

But thats not only thing in this aspect, Marek Rosa, has also announced that Oxygen has been planned to be added along with Planets, however does say that this is not sure 100% yet, as it would depend on feedback from everyone, and how challenging it actually is to develop. But adding this would allow, the really exciting feature of the makeshift zones we have created already to simulate an airlock zone in a Space Ship, but would this time make it a reality. So you would need to have areas, that are designated air locks, which must be used before you leave the ship! What’s even more exciting, is the fact that this would make, when you crash or someone attacks your ship, and blows a hole in the side, a REAL DANGER. Rather than just being like “oh dear, theres a hole in ship…”, and doing nothing about it, we would have to fix the area as soon as possible, and also put on space suits, or move to other sections of the space ship that are still oxygenated. Which after a battle, but the cockpit remaining intact, then leaving that area to fix the ship, dangerous, and exciting due to their being no oxygen. Maybe you would have to try and run to the space suit area, whilst holding your breath and your health ticking down….


Multi-player optimisations

Multi-player is good at the stage it is in, but far from perfect, and is not compatible with the Xbox One developed version of the game. So Keen Software House, are going to be developing a new networking library. Which will allow for better control messages and channel priorities, which will reduce multi-player lag and waiting periods! Which is excellent news! All optimisations are of course, fully welcomed by all of us who play Space Engineers, and even though it is an exciting new feature such as Planets, it will enable us to all enjoy the game more!


I hope you enjoyed my blog post on the latest announcement from Marek Rosa on the development on Space Engineers, and check back later for more exciting news!


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