ROKH, SQuad Game Servers

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ROKH and SQUAD Game Servers,

Rokh Game Servers – Coming Soon


Explore the Martian world, collecting and scavenging old desolate structures to gather the valuable resources you require to survive. Construct tools from your imagination as blueprints are limited. Immerse yourself within the landscape of the cold and dry Martian world, which contains important and valuable resources for you to extract and exploit. Explore Mars and pave the way for settlers to come as your home world of Earth is dying. It won’t be so easy for you and the world is hostile but team up with your friends to improve your odds. Combine your forces to become the most efficient team to create and build a survivable habitat. We will be providing Scum game servers very soon, check them out and pre-order today!


Scum Game Servers – Coming Soon

Organising your base, vehicle mechanics and even base building Squad has it all. Capable of supporting up to 100 players in multiplayer you and your team must work together to ensure you are effective and win the battle. Construct defensive and offensive bases and fortifications to ensure control of the battlefield works in your favour. Intuitive positional VOIP and navigation systems ensure that players are able to know what is around them providing great situational awareness. Tanks, helicopters, and all manner of vehicles allow you to ensure that the battle is provided for in any way shape or form. From logistics to armoured support. Pre order your Squad server today and see how you fare on the battlefield.

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Coming Soon - ROKH Game Servers

This is a game where you are tasked with building a base and surviving on Mars.

Coming Soon - Scum Game Servers

A game about prison life, and surviving in prison.


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