Teamspeak 3 Server Hosting

High quality Teamspeak 3 server hosting with crystal clear voice communication.

What is Teamspeak 3?

TeamSpeak 3, often referred to as, TS3, is a communication server that utilizes voice to enhance the gaming experience with your friends. If you are a competitive eSports team, a group of friends playing together or even a guild of 100’s of people, a TS3 server by ServerBlend is the ideal, high performance server for you to achieve perfectly clear voice communication.

Are you a esports team? Get a free TS3 server!

We are always on the lookout for new talent and be you an existing or new eSports team we are keen to assist your development and growth to become international champions.

Click this link to contact us and include any information about your team and other information you think will aid in your sponsorship application.

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Teamspeak 3 serverReady in minutes!

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Per Slot
  • 10+ slots
  • SSD hosted
  • High performance dedicated server
  • Optimized network with low ping
  • No branding
  • TCAdmin control panel
  • Group Pay – Receive public payments to your account
  • Free easy transfer – We transfer your server to us
  • FREE Enjin premium for 45 days
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Our Teamspeak 3 voice servers are available in:

  • North France (West Europe)
  • Montreal, Canada (Eastern NA)

TS3 Server Features

  • High performance servers
  • Live User & Ban Management
  • Live Token Manager
  • Live Server User Admin Tools
  • Live Server Status & Admin
  • Live Server Settings
  • Time & Dated Snapshot Restore