Teamspeak 3 Server Hosting

High quality Teamspeak 3 server hosting with crystal clear voice communication.

What is Teamspeak 3?

TeamSpeak 3, often referred to as, TS3, is a voice server that you can use to communicate to people around the world. If you are a competitive eSports team, a group of friends playing together or even a guild of 100’s of people, a TS3 server by ServerBlend is the ideal, high performance communication server for you to achieve perfectly clear voice communication.

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  • 10+ slots
  • SSD hosted
  • High performance dedicated server
  • Optimised network with low ping
  • DDOS protection
  • TCAdmin control panel
  • Public Pay – Receive public payments to your account
  • Free easy transfer – We transfer your server to us
  • FREE Enjin premium for 45 days
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Our Teamspeak 3 voice servers are available in:

  • North France (West Europe)
  • Montreal, Canada (Eastern NA)

TS3 Server Features

  • High performance servers
  • Live User & Ban Management
  • Live Token Manager
  • Live Server User Admin Tools
  • Live Server Status & Admin
  • Live Server Settings
  • Time & Dated Snapshot Restore