New Ark Server Tools

By June 14, 2016May 9th, 2017Game Server News

ServerBlend Ark Server Tools

Our ARK Server Tools make managing your Ark:Survival Evolved servers so much easier. We are proud to have been able to update the TCAdmin control panel for ARK with brand new features this month.

Ark Mod Updater
This tool was released earlier in the month and we have already had fantastic feedback regarding this tool. It allows you to update your mods easily without the need for FTP or Ark Remote. Simply by adding your Active mods to configuration file.

Manual Ark Mod Updater *NEW*
This update to the Ark Mod Updater tool is fantastic. Instead of updating all the mods in one go you might have just one or two mods that require updates. Using the manual tool reduces the time your server is offline by specifically entering the ModID’s you require updating. You can do this one mod at a time, which is great for those who have lots of mods and only one or two need updating.

Ever wanted to manage the Ark Server via the control panel? Well now you can with select commands being useable from the control panel. Broadcast messages to the server, change the MOTD or even save the world.

Save World *NEW*
Ever wanted to ensure the server had saved before an update? Well with this new icon the saveworld command is issued and a save is completed. Very handy if you do not wish to join the server just to save.

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