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 Industry Leading Prices

Competitive pricing to provide ultimate value. So you know you’re getting the best deal on your voice or game server.  You can even choose your own price through our game server configuration tool, either the most premium hardware, or the cheapest, you choose.

Industry Leading Hardware

For fast servers, you need top quality hardware, we provide 100% Intel Xeon server grade hardware ensuring high performance. You can choose your own level of hardware via our configuration tool, or our packaged game servers to keep it simple.

Unique Custom Server Configuration

Why be locked into buying extras, hardware, or services that you don’t need or want?  No longer do you need to pay a higher price for something you don’t need and will never use. Use our game server configuration tool to choose just what you want. No one else can offer that value. 

Below are our packaged game hosting prices you can get with us, right now. For our best prices use our custom game server configuration tool.


Osiris: New Dawn
– Coming Soon –

ARK: Survival Evolved<br />From only £10.79 p/m<br />For 30 slots<br />£0.34 per slot!<br />*Cross Ark Travel*

ARK: Survival Evolved
From only £10.79 p/m
For 30 slots
£0.34 per slot!
*Cross Ark Travel*

Space Engineers<br />From only £6.26 p/m<br />For 10 slots<br />£0.65 per slot!

Space Engineers
From only £6.26 p/m
For 10 slots
£0.65 per slot!

Rust<br />From only £6.20 p/m<br />For 50 slots<br />£0.13 per slot!

From only £6.20 p/m
For 50 slots
£0.13 per slot!

arma3 game server

From only £13.94 p/m
For 40 slots
£0.39 per slot!
*Exile in one click*

csgo game server

CS:GO – 128 Tickrate
From only £8.95 p/m
For 10 slots
£0.89 per slot!

7 Days To Die<br /> From only £6.65 p/m<br />For 10 slots<br />£0.73 per slot!

7 Days To Die
From only £6.65 p/m
For 10 slots
£0.73 per slot!


From Only £9.18 p/m
For 30 slots
£0.34 per slot!

fragmented server hosting

From Only £10.76 p/m
For 10 slots
£0.25 per slot!

Medieval Engineers. <br />From Only £8.33 p/m<br />For 10 slots<br />£0.65 per slot!

Medieval Engineers.
From Only £8.33 p/m
For 10 slots
£0.65 per slot!

KSP<br />From Only £1.79<br />For 10 slots<br />

From Only £1.79
For 10 slots

But wait. What if I find someone cheaper? 

Contact us, and we will beat their price by 5%.

Do these prices mean you oversell?

No, we simply use a range of cost cutting techniques and let you choose just want you want, so you don’t need unnecessary extras.

But how do I choose my exact server hardware?

You can use our revolutionary “build your own game server” system, to choose the CPU, RAM, Drive and more.