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Competitively priced server hosting to provide you with ultimate value. You can even choose your own price and hardware through our unique game server configuration tool, either the most premium hardware, or the cheapest, you choose.

Industry Leading Hardware

We provide 100% Intel Xeon server grade hardware ensuring high server hosting performance. You can choose your own level of hardware for your game server via our configuration tool, or choose our packaged game servers to keep it simple. You can upgrade any time.

Unique Custom Server Configuration

With our unique configuration tool, you can upgrade or downgrade to different server hosting hardware at any time. Don’t let the hardware keep you back. When you choose us, you get what suits your needs and you get the best price for just that.

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Squad server

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scum server portfolio

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Conan Exiles
From only £12.14 p/m
For 20 slots
£0.40 per slot!


From Only £1.99 P/M
With Multicraft Control Panel

Factorio<br />From Only £3.99 P/M<br />£1.49 per 512 MB RAM!<br />

From Only £3.99 P/M
£1.49 per 512 MB RAM!

ARK: Survival Evolved<br />From only £12.59 p/m<br />For 35 slots<br />£0.39 per slot!<br />*Cross Ark Travel*

ARK: Survival Evolved
From only £12.59 p/m
For 35 slots
£0.39 per slot!
*Cross Ark Travel*

Space Engineers<br />From only £8.06 p/m<br />For 10 slots<br />£0.65 per slot!

Space Engineers
From only £8.06 p/m
For 10 slots
£0.65 per slot!

Rust<br />From only £6.20 p/m<br />For 50 slots<br />£0.13 per slot!

From only £6.20 p/m
For 50 slots
£0.13 per slot!

arma3 game server

From only £13.94 p/m
For 40 slots
£0.39 per slot!
*Exile in one click*

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive server 3

CS:GO – 128 Tickrate
From only £8.95 p/m
For 10 slots
£0.89 per slot!

7 Days To Die<br /> From only £6.65 p/m<br />For 10 slots<br />£0.73 per slot!

7 Days To Die
From only £6.65 p/m
For 10 slots
£0.73 per slot!


From Only £9.18 p/m
For 30 slots
£0.34 per slot!

fragmented server hosting

From Only £10.76 p/m
For 10 slots
£0.25 per slot!

Medieval Engineers. <br />From Only £8.33 p/m<br />For 10 slots<br />£0.65 per slot!

Medieval Engineers.
From Only £8.33 p/m
For 10 slots
£0.65 per slot!