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Osiris: New Dawn
– Coming Soon –

ARK: Survival Evolved<br />From only £10.79 p/m<br />For 30 slots<br />£0.34 per slot!<br />*Cross Ark Travel*

ARK: Survival Evolved
From only £10.79 p/m
For 30 slots
£0.34 per slot!
*Cross Ark Travel*

Space Engineers<br />From only £6.26 p/m<br />For 10 slots<br />£0.65 per slot!

Space Engineers
From only £6.26 p/m
For 10 slots
£0.65 per slot!

Rust<br />From only £6.20 p/m<br />For 50 slots<br />£0.13 per slot!

From only £6.20 p/m
For 50 slots
£0.13 per slot!

arma3 game server

From only £13.94 p/m
For 40 slots
£0.39 per slot!
*Exile in one click*

csgo game server

CS:GO – 128 Tickrate
From only £8.95 p/m
For 10 slots
£0.89 per slot!

7 Days To Die<br /> From only £6.65 p/m<br />For 10 slots<br />£0.73 per slot!

7 Days To Die
From only £6.65 p/m
For 10 slots
£0.73 per slot!


From Only £9.18 p/m
For 30 slots
£0.34 per slot!

fragmented server hosting

From Only £10.76 p/m
For 10 slots
£0.25 per slot!

Medieval Engineers. <br />From Only £8.33 p/m<br />For 10 slots<br />£0.65 per slot!

Medieval Engineers.
From Only £8.33 p/m
For 10 slots
£0.65 per slot!

KSP<br />From Only £1.79<br />For 10 slots<br />

From Only £1.79
For 10 slots

cheap game server

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Our number one priority is your satisfaction. If you’re not happy with your game server we will refund your money within 72 hours of your game server being setup. Purchase worry free!

Why choose us as your game server provider?

Lowest Price Game server

With our unique “build your own game server” system, we provide the lowest priced game servers on the market, as you can choose just what you need, no unnecessary extra’s increasing your price. If you do find someone cheaper, contact us and we will beat them by 5%.

Low Ping

All our game servers are provided on a high quality network to ensure you achieve the lowest ping and the best gaming experience. Contact us now to test your connection.

Instant Activation

After order confirmation your game server will be up setup automatically and running, ready to play within minutes. *Space Engineers or Medieval Engineers can take up to 12 hours to setup.

High Performance

Intel Xeon processors, fast ECC RAM, SSD drives and RAID to ensure the best performance and reliability of your game server.

Complete, User Friendly Control

We provide our custom control panel, a customized version of TcAdmin and custom built tools only available at ServerBlend, to ensure you have complete, user friendly control over your game server.

Fast, Expert Support

Knowledgeable support, that know about your game server, here 24/7 to help you, through either ticket, email, phone and Skype. We may even join you in-game to ensure your game server is working as it should.