How to connect to your game server

By July 22, 2018tutorials


There are two main ways to connect to your server which are outlined below.

Connecting via Steam server browser

1) Open steam
2) Navigate to the view tab and then click servers followed by favourites

3) Then click “Add A Server”
4) Enter your IP address and port into the field provided (e.g.
5) Then click “Add this address to favourites”.

6) You should now be able to connect to your server from the favourites menu in steam by selecting the desired server from the list and clicking “connect”.

Connecting via an in-game server browser

In this section we will explain how to connect to the server via the in-game browser, we will use Space Engineers as an example, however this can be done with any game that has an in-game browser functionality, however the method to set online mode to public and more will vary depending on the game. 

1) Go to your server dashboard (control panel) and click “game configurations”.
2) Click the “Network” tab.
3) Change “Online mode” to public

4) Navigate to the in-game server browser.
5) Search for your server in the search box using the servers name and find it in the list.
6) Click connect.

Coming soon
— How to set as public for other games such as ARK: Survival Evolved.
— How to connect to other games like Minecraft.
— How to create a shortcut to connect to the server