New Ark Server Tools

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ServerBlend Ark Server Tools

Our ARK Server Tools make managing your Ark:Survival Evolved servers so much easier. We are proud to have been able to update the TCAdmin control panel for ARK with brand new features this month.

Ark Mod Updater
This tool was released earlier in the month and we have already had fantastic feedback regarding this tool. It allows you to update your mods easily without the need for FTP or Ark Remote. Simply by adding your Active mods to configuration file.

Manual Ark Mod Updater *NEW*
This update to the Ark Mod Updater tool is fantastic. Instead of updating all the mods in one go you might have just one or two mods that require updates. Using the manual tool reduces the time your server is offline by specifically entering the ModID’s you require updating. You can do this one mod at a time, which is great for those who have lots of mods and only one or two need updating.

Ever wanted to manage the Ark Server via the control panel? Well now you can with select commands being useable from the control panel. Broadcast messages to the server, change the MOTD or even save the world.

Save World *NEW*
Ever wanted to ensure the server had saved before an update? Well with this new icon the saveworld command is issued and a save is completed. Very handy if you do not wish to join the server just to save.

Don’t have a server with us? Transfer your server today with our Easy Transfer service and see how easy managing your server really is!

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ARK Survival Evolved Anniversary

Celebrate ARK Survival Evolved Anniversary

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Celebrate ARK Survival Evolved Anniversary With Server Blend.

Hard to think that a year has passed since this epic survival game welcomed us with open arms. Celebrate ARK Survival Evolved Anniversary with Server Blend as we are offering one month monitor and fix service and a free custom-sub domain FREE to all new orders of ARK:Survival Evolved servers. Simply enter the promotional code ARKONEYEAR at checkout. Monitor and Fix service is free for the first month and then £5/per month unless cancelled. Custom Sub domain is free for the life of the product.

Our Servers Include:

  • 30+ slots
  • Intel Xeon E5 with an optimised network
  • Low ping
  • No branding
  • Ark Mod Updater – Installs/Updates your mods
  • Customized TcAdmin Control Panel
  • Complete mod support
  • Easy config and modding with ARK Remote or Config Editor
  • FREE GameVox voice server
  • 24/7 specialist support
  • Group Pay – Allowing your clan to help pay
  • 72 hour money back guarantee
  • Free and easy transfer

About ARK

As a man or woman stranded naked, freezing and starving on the shores of a mysterious island called ARK, you must hunt, harvest resources, craft items, grow crops, research technologies, and build shelters to withstand the elements. Use your cunning and resources to kill or tame & breed the leviathan dinosaurs and other primeval creatures roaming the land, and team up with or prey on hundreds of other players to survive, dominate… and escape!

Mod Support

Mod support is available on all our ARK:Survival Evolved servers. Browse the workshop of ARK and select your chosen mods then using our Ark Mod Updater easily download these mods to your server. No FTP even required so making your life of managing your ARK game server as easy as possible.


  • France
  • Germany
  • Montreal, Canada.

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What is Fragmented, the game?

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Fragmented, a sci-fi RPG that doesnt suck?

If you haven’t heard of Fragmented then you have probably been sleeping under a rock waiting for your DayZ standalone to get out of Early access (which by the way will NOT happen), All jokes aside Fragmented, powered by unreal engine which looks beautiful and complimented.

Fragmented to the highest detail is an early access game on the steam workshop developed by the makers of The Repopulation, Fragmented’s predecessor.

Synopsis of Fragmented?

Your trapped on an alien world, Armed with your hands and little knowledge, you must ensure the survival of the human race, with roaming wildlife, a simple yet elegant resource gathering mechanic and an extensive Building system. You must build survive and create or fight.

So now you’re probably wondering, what does it have to offer?

Well other than patches being released daily, bringing more new content (since for the last 3 days there has been 3 patches), the copious amounts of things to do such as the vast open world to discover or the fact that they have a simple yet refined skill system, with just 8 core skills, telling you exactly what you’re getting when you invest your well earned skill points.

For a game that is only 6 months into development it is surprisingly and refreshingly stable. Are there bugs? Of course there are a few, but the Devs at ABT (Above and Beyond Technologies) are awesome people that have always been very active with their player base and find and kill bugs fast. There have been 11 updates in april alone, full of bug fixes and content.

I’m not one for Survival games normally, because of the open pvp and not being able to even get started before a high level advanced player comes and destroys everything I have built. But here they have different server rules some of them even are just Cooperative servers. Allowing you to customise your server to your needs, whether you want to allow this, or not.

All in all I think for how much has been done so far and what they have planned for the future, Fragmented will be one of the top survival games out there when players start spreading the word.

What are you waiting for?

Jump on in, and start playing, right now with your group of buddies no matter where you are in the world.

ServerBlend a Fragmented game server provider with the most powerful game servers, provides Fragmented game servers as low as £11.95 for 10 player slots and if you order right now you get 5% off with coupon code: fragmented5 , so hurry before they’re all out of them juicy discount codes

7 Days To Die. Only £5.95 for 10 slots

Fragmented server guns out

Fragmented Game Servers Now Available!

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We have been working hard over the last 24 hours to be able to provide servers for the newly released Early Access game ‘Fragmented’ and we are pleased to announce that they are now ready for order.

This game is an epic sci-fi survival game set in the world of The Repopulation, also being developed by the same company ‘Above and Beyond Technologies’.

“You awaken stranded on a hostile alien world, after your journey to colonize the planet. Rhyldan, takes a catastrophic turn. Armed with only your fists, your wits and fragments of knowledge buried deep within a damaged clone’s mind, you must ensure the survival of the human race. Harvest local resources to get started, and hunt wildlife with crafted weapons to provide food and protection from the elements. As you survive you will regain access to knowledge and important skills to aid in your survival. Unlock advanced technologies to build giant structures, advanced weaponry and defenses, tame the wildlife, engineer and grow new living species, build robots and vehicles and use it all to support your allies or crush your enemies.

Fragmented is available in multiple rulesets allowing for PvP focused content, or working together with other players to survive against the environment. Play online or in single player mode. Players will have the option to host their own servers as well and tweak many of the settings to provide an easier experience or a much more harsh experience including hardcore options.”

To purchase simply go to our website and follow the normal checkout procedure.

As this is a new game we are doing our usual 5% new game discount, please use the code NEWFRAG5% at checkout to receive a 5% discount of your first monthly, quartley or semi-annual order of ‘Fragmented’. Valid until Saturday 30th April.

Order your Fragmented server today!.

HostASpace name change to: ServerBlend

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 Hello all

Today we announce some exciting news, we’ve officially changed our name from HostASpace, to ServerBlend, this brings along lots of exciting changes which i will tell you about below.

First, there are a few important bits for current and past clients.

  1. All PayPal subscriptions had to be cancelled with this change, you must pay your invoice manually to avoid your game server being cancelled.

  2. We’re the same team, so expect the same great service! Just under a different name.

  3. The new brand (name) is still under the same holding company; Interiginal LTD, so your bills will show the same.

logo with text resizedfinal.fw


  Now for the full details

This change was meant for one main purpose, to be able to provide people with the ability to choose what they want, and just that.
So people no longer have to pay high prices for services they don’t need.

This allows us to price our game servers cheaper than other providers, we guarantee it. Find someone cheaper and we will beat them by 5%!

We now provide more game servers, with more coming in the future, including:

ARK: Survival Evolved from £6.95 for 30 slots
Space Engineers from £6.95 for 10 slots
Kerbal Space Program for 10 slots
Rust from £4.95 for 50 slots
HurtWorld from £6.95 for 30 slots
7 Days To Die (Coming soon, contact to reserve yours)
Minecraft (Coming soon, contact to reserve yours)

These prices are subject to change, so act quick to lock in the price now whilst its this low.
If you’re a current client and would like to change to the new pricing, feel free to get in touch and we can make the changes for you.

We have developed a unique custom system where people have the ability to build their own game server to go with our aim to let people choose just what they want.
It allows the user to choose the hardware of the dedicated server their game server will be on, such as the Location, CPU, RAM and Drive.
Giving you the option to start with a cheaper lower end game server, then move more powerful when you need it, or just choose your exact hardware configuration.

Coming in the near future

  • Dedicated servers
  • Team Speak voice servers
  • Web Hosting
  • More game servers

Check back soon to see these when they come first

If you have any questions about these changes or want to know more, do not hesitate to contact the support team who are more than happy to help.