Procedurally Generated ARK and Update 248

By October 11, 2016May 9th, 2017Game Server News

Upcoming ARK:Survival Evolved V248

Wildcard Studios have been working hard to provide new and exciting new content after their controversial Scorched Earth DLC. The expected release date for this new update is the 10th October 2016 now the 18th October to allow for further testing.

Some of their patch notes are contained below.

Upcoming Version: v248.0
– Dual wield weapons while riding your dinos.
– New Feature introduced: Procedurally generated ARK’s.
– New Mechanic introduced: Breeding Part3: Mutations and Family trees
– New Mechanic introduced: Exploring Notes
– New Mechanic: Explorer Notes
– New Structure: Dynamic-Length Bridges
– New Dino: Kaprosuchus!
– New Dino: Diplocalus!
– New Dino: Chalicotherium!
– New Dino: Megalosaurus!
– Render batching optimization for ~20% perf in structure-heavy areas

Procedurally Generated ARK System

The most exciting and interesting of the features is the ability for ARK to randomly generally procedural ARK’s. This feature is available in a number of other games including Space Engineers and Rust and will bring a whole new element to exploring the island.

Biomes and resources will all randomly populate throughout the island to provide a unique experience every time. No server will ever be the same and will require exploration to progress instead of using existing knowledge of the premade ARK island and knowing where everything is preset.

Whilst a lot of information is currently not available for this feature as soon as we hear more we will be letting you know and of course when the update is released that provides this feature we will implement the required changes as quickly as possible to keep gaming with all the features you require.

Ark: Fear Evolved 2

ast year you was all tasked with hunting down to defeat the legendary Dodorex, with the seasonal holiday survival event, Fear Evolved. This year you have an even bigger task. Test your skills and courage to track down and hunt the DodoWyvern across the Scorched Earth map.

During the event you can find and collect new cosmetic and costume appearances, while back on the Island map you will get the ability to tame snakes and encounter Rabid Dire Wolves and Vampire Bats! But that is not all! Should you get infected by one of these creatures you have the chance to acquire the vampirism or lycanthropy, which will transform you into incredible monsters and gain you new powers. Be it immesne strenght, speed, sight or gliding of a Vampire or the Werewolf triggered by moonlight.

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