Space Engineers Planets Now Available!

By November 28, 2015March 5th, 2016Game Server News

Planets for Space Engineers, have been out for a few weeks now, and we, with so many others have been busy enjoying it!
Space Engineers planets even took over my Fallout 4 play time! 

But it was defiantly worth it, Space Engineers planets release, has been Space Engineers biggest update yet, adding so much to the game. Keen Software House have gone above and beyond for creating these planets, above what any company has attempted to achieve before.

The planets have some key features that we did not think would be possible, but have been achieved:

1) They have an atmosphere. That’s right, like the our one and only planet Earth, the planets in Space Engineers have an atmosphere which you can see from Space and travel through to land on the planet

2) Space Engineers planets have actual gravity fields, meaning they will pull you and any other ship into the planet if not correctly in orbit. Just like real life! Making it even more scary to have a battle in close proximity to a planet… What if an important part of your ship breaks off, and hurtles down to the planet? You would have to race after it to pick it up before it smashes into the planet and gets destroyed.

3) Different planets, moons and varying gravity fields and atmospheres. So you would need to calculate if you have enough fuel to break the atmosphere upon returning to space, or if you can take your helmet off on the planet. As it may not have oxygen in the atmosphere, or it may be a really strong gravity field.

4) Huge planets, out of this world… 60-120km in size, and spherical. Astonishing.

Here’s a video for you to enjoy on the Space Engineers planets in action:

What’s even better?

You can experience these planets, in an exceptionaly smooth, responsive and lag free multiplayer gaming.

We, ServerBlend, provide top of the line Space Engineers dedicated game servers, that are fully ready for you to enjoy planets.