Entering the V Rising world is an immersive yet immediately intuitive experience. Players awaken to a new world in which simple lighting can spell disaster. As survival games go, it’s a fantastic play.

Locking in with a V Rising server allows the experience to take off. And setting up your own server is a process most find incredibly user-friendly. Let’s take a closer look at this option.

The Benefits of a V Rising Server 

As the popularity of V Rising grows, so will the number of players in the V world. To properly navigate and maximize the gameplay experience, V Rising players and communities are setting up their own dedicated servers. With a dedicated server, numerous players can enter the world and interact at any time, with access to mods and plugins which boost the gameplay.

By promoting dedicated servers with V Rising, the game is building more robust, more active communities of players to flourish in the game. Giving players a stable and consistent platform on which to play encourages greater loyalty to an already popular game.

Plus, the game encourages individuals to group up, which is best achieved through a dedicated server. Setting one up is a reasonably straightforward process in which players can choose how and where the server will be configured.

Setting up the V Rising server

Players can consider a rental service or their own PC when choosing a V Rising server host. They can also set up a server with their own hardware, which can become costly.

For many players, choosing a reliable and well-rated server hosting service like ServerBlend will be their best option. Between easy-to-follow instructions and ample customer support, setting up your own V Rising server is a quick process.

Step-by-step instructions

Once players decide between the standard and premium plans for their V Rising server, they’ll be directed to a configuration page where they’ll be walked through a series of choices and steps to help mold their server’s functions and capabilities. Options include RAM amounts, the number of player slots, CPU priority, and server ping location. And players can connect with customer support at any time.

Troubleshooting tips for common issues

Keeping a V Rising server up and running, even as a host, doesn’t usually have too many problems to troubleshoot. If the server platform is stable and secure, they’ll handle many issues that may arise. With ServerBlend, our customer service specialists can usually help with any problems. Additionally, if you’re experiencing issues or glitches with a server, we want to know immediately to get to the bottom of the problem.

Still, there are times when a server issue can be diagnosed and handled at the gamer’s end. Let’s check out some common problems you may be able to troubleshoot independently.

Manage Your Power Sources

Making sure your power sources are reliable and adequately rated is essential. Performance and functionality will suffer if a server has an inconsistent or fluctuating power supply. Ensure the wall outlet is grounded, and don’t add too many devices to one plug. High-quality power strips with surge protectors can be a worthwhile investment.

Outdated or Overworked Hardware

Using hardware struggling to meet current server demands is also a recipe for disaster. Glitchy or slow play, overheating hard drives, and CPU memory or Ram issues are commonly associated with outdated hardware. Simply updating a critical part can be the difference between stellar gameplay and frustrated gamers.

Changes to Player or Game Configurations

If you notice that some settings or configurations are changing or reverting to default settings, there may be a problem in the system, either with the software or hardware.

Hacker Problems

Receiving strange player requests or finding odd emails in your inbox can be a sign the server or network has been compromised. Older systems sometimes cannot recognize newer phishing and hacking attempts. Fortunately, a host like ServerBlend protects you from hacking attempts, including DDoS attacks.


Deciding to use your own V Rising server allows for a smoother and cleaner playing experience, and it only takes a short time to configure and set up. You’ll need to know some of the specifics about your system, and ServerBlend will walk you through the rest.

Optimized Performance

Once you’ve configured your new V Rising server, you’ll quickly notice the boost in performance you’re given. Games like V Rising are popular because they offer players an expandable universe. Group play is also one of the bigger draws.

With this in mind, using a server to process and run the game becomes necessary so your computer isn’t working overtime to keep up. Optimizing game performance can be further refined with fully customizable control panel features and other customized game options.

High Stability

Using or hosting a server also means you’ll be able to add as many players as you want without fear of a crash. Keep playing at top speed and performance while ServerBlend handles the heavy lifting.

Prevent Hacking

ServerBlend’s servers are also notoriously difficult to hack and attack. Blocking DDoS requests and managing inflow traffic ensures you and your team’s data stay safe. Plus, even when you’re not playing, our customer service specialists monitor and protect the server.

Managing the V Rising Server

Once you’ve followed the steps and have your V rising server up and running, managing it is a breeze. Mostly because ServerBlend is on the case and taking care of the brunt of the organizational operations.

Effectively Managing the Server

Managing a server on your own can be difficult and time-consuming, but using a host like ServerBlend means you can leave the maintenance to them. Their excellent customer support is available and helps gamers efficiently manage their servers. Plus, players can offer feedback on what they see and experience, so ServerBlend can make adjustments to benefit everyone.

One of the best ways to effectively manage your server is to learn more about how the server works and how the server host rental company can work with you. With ServerBlend, we work to make our server experience one of the smoothest and most manageable server hosting approaches.

It’s also necessary to monitor server performance. Keep a close eye on any noticeable changes to gameplay or the time it takes for pages to load. Finding problems early often involves less work in the long run.

Establish some server norms with your team, too. Assessing the history and online gameplay of new members wanting to join your server may be wise. A player with no online play hours may require more scrutiny before letting them join.

Develop server protocols for the hardware and software. If you’re hosting on your own software, checking network speeds, the hardware’s efficiency, and how long it’s been in service is critical. Fortunately, ServerBlend can manage these protocols internally, giving players more time for gaming.

You Can Now Buy V Rising Server on Steam!

For many gamers, the website Steam has become synonymous with offering gamers the best games and gameplay experiences possible. With the popularity of V Rising, Steam now offers a server to go with the game.

You can also choose ServerBlend as a more affordable server rental. Instead of bogging down your computer with a massive game such as V Rising, a host server can manage the processing necessary to get your and your friends playing together in real-time.

And with a dedicated server, gaming can occur at any time, not just when the host is active. This is especially beneficial for gamers in different time zones around the world. With configuration editors and one-click mod installs, making changes or adjustments is fast so you can return to the game.

Additionally, server hosts can set up Group Pay options, so players can contribute money to offset the overall cost of hosting. Plus, with optimized ping, latency is minimal. And if you ever need to cancel, that’s no problem. Players can cancel their service at any time.

Sign Up and Get Started

Hosting a server with the help of ServerBlend is an excellent method for generating advanced gameplay options and functions. Using a server for a game like V Rising makes the game jump out and grab you! You’ll find yourself immersed in a world of vampires in no time.Get started with a V Rising server today. It only takes a few downloads, and you’re ready. Or contact us to find out more about all of the servers we offer. Take your gameplay to the next level today.