As one of the few successful early access games, devoid of bugs and full of critical praise, Valheim is a great adventure to start with up to nine other friends. Summon up your courage as you take your party on a quest through Norse-inspired lands, taking down the six bosses of each biome and building a shelter.

If you are looking to boot up Valheim for the first time with friends, there is no other option than establishing your own Valheim server. Help Odin by creating a server, and join millions of existing players who look to defeat his enemies.

Valheim: What is it, and Why is it a Preferred Choice for Many Players?

Valheim is an open-world sandbox survival game that can be played single-player or by up to ten people. Create your own Viking-inspired character, and each world is procedurally generated, so no one will spawn in the same place, giving the game a unique feel during replays.

Despite the world being random, the goal stays the same. Travel through all of the biomes and defeat the six bosses.

While on your quest, you have to fend for yourself. Gather up allies, materials, and food. Hunt, mine, forage, and farm.

Valheim has sold over 10 million copies, an extreme rarity in early-access games, especially those that are PC-exclusive. Players love the game for its open feel and responsive, versatile gameplay.

How to Host Your Valheim Server with Ease

The easiest way to set up your own Valheim server is to choose a dedicated hosting option, like a standard or premium package from ServerBlend. By renting dedicated hosting, you no longer have to deal with the burden of setting up and managing a server.

Unlike hosting directly from Valheim, there is mod support, which means you have more options to explore the game. Valheim isn’t in full release nor fully developed, so mods add a lot to the game.

How to Set Up a Dedicated Valheim Server

Setting up a dedicated Valheim server is as simple as clicking your fingers, albeit not in the air, but on a keyboard a few times.

Visit our server rental packages and select the best option for you. Once confirmation has been received,  your server will be up and running within two hours. Visit the server panel once you for further instructions on how to join and customize your server.

What are the System Requirements for a Valheim Server?

Valheim isn’t an extremely powerful game, but it needs a robust server. The faster the CPU and RAM, the more fluid the gameplay will be.

A server with the following specs will run a Valheim server effectively, although more powerful options are available for better gameplay:

  • 2 Core 2.8 GHz CPU
  • Two to Four GBs of RAM
  • Five GBs of Hardware Space (More if you want to install mods)
  • High-Speed Internet

What to Look for in a Valheim Server Hosting Provider

When looking for a Valheim server hosting provider, ensure your server has these features for maximum customizability and protection.

Check for the Player Slots

Valheim servers can be played by up to ten players, including yourself, and run efficiently with players online worldwide.

Deliver Cost-Effective and Affordable Options

Server hosting providers compete for your services, so prices are competitive. When comparing cost, also compare features and the extent of customer service offered.

Ensure Secure Payment Options

You should expect the utmost payment security when renting a server. Look for hosts who accept secure payments through PayPal, Bitpay, and Stripe.

Offer an Instant and Easy Setup

Setting up dedicated hardware space, your profile, and your panel and assigning DDoS protection takes time. Expect your server to be set up within hours unless you are renting from a host that does not offer 24/7 customer service.

When choosing ServerBlend, you can set up a server anytime with no slowdown.

Supported by a Customer Service Fast Response Time

If you have any problems with your server, they should be solved quickly.

Whether that is unusually high ping, connection issues, or improper mod installation, customer service experts should be on top of it soon after you reach out.

That also means they should handle issues before they happen.

Designed with Regular Backups

In the unusual scenario where your server does crash, you want it always to have a backup. Dedicated servers with more than one slot allow you to save your progress as you play.

Backups also aid the gameplay experience, especially if someone crashes your server or someone’s “little brother” accidentally destroys the building you’ve been working on for hours.

Why Rent a Dedicated Server Rather than Self-Hosting?

Dedicated hosting has four main benefits over self-hosting or running a community server within the game.

  1. You control the hardware: The server will have a stronger connection, so players can control their character more responsively and react more accurately while fighting.
  2. You choose the seed: Server seeds are typically procedurally generated, which means you have zero choices about the world you are spawning. If you know an interesting seed beforehand, you can put it in or reset your world at any time with a dedicated server.
  3. Control the players: Playing with your friends, and only your friends, is the best. However, with a self-hosting and public server, it is difficult or sometimes impossible to control that.
  4. Leave your server open 24/7: It is expensive to leave your self-hosted Valheim server open at all times during the day, but it is all-inclusive and affordable with a dedicated server.

Affordable Options to Rent a Valheim Server

While there are many options for renting a Valheim server, the most affordable option is from ServerBlend.

Using our price beat form, you can save if you find a competing hosting service with lower rates and similar benefits.

Most people think in-game hosting is the most economical option, which is technically accurate if you think of direct monetary value. However, in-game hosting doesn’t have backups and has minimal protection if strangers join and mess up your world.

How to Find the Top Valheim Server Hosting Provider

The key thing to look for in a Valheim server hosting provider is how will that server provider benefit and help you as you develop your own Valheim world.

Look online for customer reviews to gauge how quick, effective, friendly, and proactive the customer service is when dealing with requests and to learn how they handle issues on their own.

DDoS protection is another priority, and mod support is a bonus. A simple and easy-to-use portal also is a plus.

Lastly, consider the hardware the server is run on. One of the main benefits of using a dedicated server hosting provider is that it is run on powerful hardware, so no one will crash, lose connection, or drop ping.

ServerBlend: Why are We Better than the Rest?

If you are looking to create a Valheim server in the United States, Europe, or Australia, look no further than ServerBlend.

As the leading server hosting option on the market, we run our servers with top-of-the-line hardware and support up to ten slots, which means you can host ten games of Valheim. Our servers use Intel Xeon processors with fast ECC RAM and SSD or NVME Storage with RAID.

Because we operate worldwide, our customer service specialists and tech experts are always available. Open a ticket, contact us through email, or call us on Skype.

Those unsatisfied with our services have a 7-day money-back guarantee to try out our servers, which is unique in the server hosting industry.

Get Top-Tier Valheim Server Hosting from ServerBlend

Choose a standard or premium option from ServerBlend, depending on your needs.

Premium hosting enables you to share less space with other clients on each node, meaning your server runs more effectively and gameplay is sharper. Alternatively, you can choose a standard package that is more affordable and still supports many places. We offer support for mods, DDoS protection, run for low ping, an easy-to-use UI, and a free transfer. Learn more about our server options by reading through our site and Valheim page, or contact us for more information about why you should choose ServerBlend.