For many gaming fans, playing ARK: Survival Evolved offers diverse and unique possibilities in a survival game. For those reasons, it has become a multi-player favorite and for individuals as well. 

Choosing the proper server and host scenario doesn’t have to be difficult, either. Today we’ll look at some key features and functions to consider when selecting the best ARK: Survival Evolved server host for your next campaign.

Why is an ARK: Survival Evolved Server Important?

Playing a multi-dimensional game, such as ARK: Survival Evolved offers players so many possibilities and options for customizing their gameplay that a typical PC setup will not offer sufficient processing power. A host provides a dedicated server and support to ensure the game runs smoothly, with an optimized network and low ping. The host also offers automated backups, mod support, custom control panels, and technical support to help players troubleshoot server issues.

An ARK: Survival Evolved server will minimize DDoS attacks and protect players. The host ensures the server is protected from malicious attacks and the game runs on a secure platform. This helps ensure players enjoy the game without worrying about compromised data.

Choosing the Best ARK: Survival Evolved Server Host

Choosing the best host may come down to personal preference, but there are still some critical points to consider when narrowing your choices.

Figure out Whether the Server is Right for You

First and foremost, it’s essential to consider your gaming needs and the level of performance required for typical gameplay and more extensive teamplay. Consider how often you play, the type of games you typically engage with, and whether your existing play platform is compatible with the servers you’re considering.

For instance, a high-performance dedicated server can make a big difference if you want to engage in competitive play, solo or with a team. Equally, a robust server is a good choice if you host or play campaigns with large numbers of players.

If you’re regularly hosting or organizing large group games, it can also be important to consider how many player slots the host server offers. With ServerBlend, our ARK: Survival Evolved server plan offers 30+ slots, up to unlimited, so you’ll never come up short when adding players to your campaign.

Find a Dependable Hosting Provider

Next, you’ll want to look for dependable host providers with a solid reputation or positive reviews from other users. User reviews can often be some of the best and most complete answers on how the host server will work for you since other players will often address some of the most critical pros and cons of a server’s performance.

A hosting provider who can’t provide a low latency network with multiple locations should be avoided. For instance, the amount of time it takes to ping the server will make a massive difference in the smoothness of the overall gameplay. With minimal ping and latency, the gameplay is less likely to be infringed upon and offers players a more seamless gaming experience.

You should also research the host’s available special features and customer support, their history as host server operators, and which features and functions will most benefit your gameplay situations.

Requirements to Consider

In many cases, functions and special features will be important, but they can also equate to extra bells and whistles, which aren’t of the utmost importance. Focus on some specific requirements which can offer the most benefits to you and other players.

Check if the Server is Secure

One of the biggest concerns about choosing a host server is the security the servers offer. If a server’s lack of security leads to a series of Distributed Denial of Service attacks, you’ll potentially create exponentially more problems for you and anyone else using the server.

For those unaware, a DDoS attack is a coordinated hacking attempt in which a server is flooded with bogus communication requests, which cripple the server’s abilities. This kind of attack can be frustrating, at the very least, and potentially a security risk for players signed in on an attacked server.

With ServerBlend Hosting, you’re offered complete security from DDoS attacks. We also have a team of customer service agents who can assist in the protection, hosting, or any other needs you may have.

Make Sure It’s Easy to Navigate, Access and Update Content

You’ll also want to assess how user-friendly the host server is. A server which is too difficult to navigate or update can be counterintuitive to your overall needs and gameplay. Look for a system which can easily be updated for content, and it isn’t a slog to add plugins, mods, or update mapping systems, for instance.

Ideally, a quality server should be able to handle requests, changes, or new configurations without feeling as if you’re re-writing the system. Improving gameplay and the player experience shouldn’t come with the sacrifice of time and effort.

ServerBlend Hosting allows players to use one-click ARK: Survival Evolved API/Plugins for fast modifications and gameplay improvements. Our server plans also support all DLC, events, and maps, so you’ll never be excluded from needed information in a campaign or gaming session.

Plus, our configuration editors and specialist technical support team are available with each server plan to help you and your team to create the perfect server environment for exploring and surviving your ARK experience.

Budget Friendly

Of course, one of the last factors to consider is how much a dedicated ARK server host will cost. Managing a budget, especially for casual players or those who want quality service without breaking the bank, is an undeniable factor to consider.

At the same time, a player with unlimited funds isn’t necessarily best served with the most expensive server host plans available. It’s possible to receive top-quality features and functions without spending an arm and a leg.

At ServerBlend, we strive to offer the best server hosting experience for a reasonable price. For ARK servers, we offer two plans, a standard and a premium plan, both at reasonable prices. Plus, it’s possible to pay for your ARK server using a variety of popular payment systems, such as with a credit card, Bitpay or PayPal, to name a few.

Plus, with ServerBlend, it’s simple to switch between your ARK server and servers of other popular games, such as Rust, Valheim, or Conan: Exiles, so you can rotate your play options without having to rent multiple servers.

There’s even a feature for adding a Public Pay system in which players can contribute to the monthly cost of the server hosting. With enough players joining your server and chipping in a small fee, it may be possible to offset your server cost. Leveraging excellent gameplay possibilities can benefit everyone.

It’s Dino Time!

Whether you’re a casual player or an experienced ARK: Survival Evolved explorer, using a dedicated server is guaranteed to improve your overall gameplay experience. With ServerBlend, you’ll find a company that understands gamers’ needs and has developed numerous systems and customer support options for maximizing their gaming options and experiences.For more information about our server pricing and functionality or to get started with your own server, you can contact our team of customer service experts, who’ll help you explore your options. If you’re ready to take your gaming to the next level, we will help you achieve your goals.