What are the Benefits of Having Your Own Minecraft Server?

There is no bigger multiplayer game available than Minecraft. Whether you are starting a small world with friends, or an epic, modded PVP server with legions and factions of hundreds of people, the possibilities are endless in this 3D sandbox game.

To create an expansive online world with friends, you must first choose the best Minecraft hosting option. Read this guide for a walkthrough on all you’ll ever need to know about running a Java Minecraft server.

Minecraft (Java) server: What is it and How Does it Work?

Minecraft is a game for players of all ages and is highly accessible to new gamers. 

A Minecraft server is an online lobby you can access to play with other players. Minecraft servers can entail massive worlds with many specialized mods, plugins, or basic vanilla. Minigame and PVP servers can even host more than one world, so multiple groups of players can play private games or run multiple lobbies at once.

Each Minecraft server has a unique IP address you use to enter the game, as long as you are on the right version and have the correct mods installed, if necessary. Most servers have plugins installed, such as Spigot, Craftbukkit, PaperMC, and Forge, to enhance the gameplay experience and make things more convenient for moderators and admins.

Why Run Your Own Minecraft Server?

Running your own Minecraft server is the best option when playing online. By creating your own, rather than picking one of many existing servers, you have complete control over your world and how it’s played. However, pre-existing servers already have many active players and are fleshed out with different game modes, minigames, worlds, etc.

Whether running a Minecraft server makes sense ultimately depends on how you choose to enjoy the game.

Minecraft Server Paid vs. Free: What to Choose?

If you want to run a Minecraft server, you can create and host one for free or pay professionals to manage and maintain it.

With the proper amount of time, you can include the same features in a paid and non-paid Minecraft server, but paid servers are more convenient and keep your data and identity more secure. However, free servers are easier to configure if you have coding and Minecraft know-how. That said, those who run an accessible server are left alone to solve any issues or resolve bugs.

Most people don’t have time to build up these skills or want to focus on developing other aspects of their server, including player experience and staffing. For those people, a paid server is a better option because a team of professionals will be on-call 24/7 to answer any tips or resolve any server-related issues.

What are the System Prerequisites for Running a Minecraft Server?

To self-run a Java server for the most recent version of Minecraft, you need at least 1 GB of external RAM. Remember that single-player worlds nowadays are technically free hosted servers, so 1 GB is the bare minimum (for one to four players). Adding more players and features to the server will require you to bump up the RAM allocation proportionately.

Your CPU has to have at least one core, but four cores are widely recommended. If you are playing on or after version 1.14, you need more than one core. Try to have at least 10 GB remaining in HDD storage for Windows 10 computers; Windows 7, 8, and Vista computers only need 2 GB. Try to have a download speed of 3Mbps and an upload speed of 2Mbps.

These stats are for people self-hosting on a separate computer from what they are playing on. Running a server takes up less power than playing the game, so if you do both on the same device, meet the system requirements.

What are the Setup Instructions for a Minecraft Server?

Depending on your hosting option, you’ll have different setup instructions. Private hosting companies, like ServerBlend, offer instant setup. However, if you are hosting your own server, follow these eight steps:

  1. Download the correct Jar File, depending on the update you want to play on
  2. Put the jar file in a folder called Minecraft server, and click on it to run it
  3. Create a text file named “Run” in that same folder, with a line code for the current version, and save it as a batch file
  4. Sign off on your license agreement by setting the EULA to false
  5. Click the “run file” (run.bat) to start your server up for the first time
  6. Join/add your server to your server list to check if it is active
  7. Do port forwarding if necessary
  8. Learn what your external IP address is so that people can connect

Highlight the Benefits of a Minecraft Server!

The benefits of having your own Minecraft server are endless. By running your own server, you have total control of the user experience from the world they’re playing on to the number of players available. You also get to choose to make your server modded and pick the game mode.

Set the Parameters and Make the Rules

You can choose whatever you want to add or tweak to your own server.

Do you want people only to be working on a building project in a particular area? Install a mod that limits building to claim land.

Do you want to develop an inclusive community? Utilize your owner/administrator powers to ban someone making derogatory comments.

Do you want more expansive chat features or command functionalities? Download a plugin or two.

Serve as a Center Point of Your Community

As the owner and operator of your server, you can make decisions to make your community enjoy the game more.

Do people often request a certain chat function? Install a new plugin.

You can control in-game conversations and the gameplay in a way that fits the needs of your community. If you are working with a private web hosting company, you can make sure your server is operating at 100% at all times while it expands by upping the RAM allotment or bringing issues to customer support.

Sell Additional Services on Your Server

Do you want to sell ranks or in-game perks on your server?

If so, you are in luck because your new server host will likely make that possible. Minecraft servers make money in various ways, even if they are often free to join. In addition to selling perks and ranks, servers earn revenue by accepting donations and membership fees.

11 Factors to Consider While Selecting the Best Minecraft Server Hosting! (Maybe change to questions to ask yourself when selecting…)

  • What is the maximum RAM allotment for their servers?
  • How is their customer support?
  • What control panel do they use?
  • Do they offer FTP Access?
  • Is there DDoS protection?
  • What mods and plugins do they support?
  • How much information can you store on their servers?
  • What are the payment options?
  • What are some successful servers using them as hosting?
  • How are their online reviews and ratings?
  • Do they offer sub-domains and multiple IPs for international gamers?

What are the Best Hosting Options for Minecraft Servers?

The best hosting option available for Minecraft servers is through a dedicated server.

Customizability and customer service are the main perks of choosing a dedicated server over shared hosting and self-hosting. With a dedicated server from a professional web hosting company, you can choose to pay more for greater RAM allotment as your server grows in scale. Additionally, dedicated servers perform better because they operate for only one Minecraft server on hardware designed for optimal server operations.

Which is Better: Owning a Home Server or Renting a Server?

Owning a home server or renting a server both have strengths and drawbacks.

With self-hosting, you operate your servers from a home computer. Many claim that self-hosting is the most cost-effective method, but that is only true if you are hosting a small server with a couple of other people.

You’ll likely need a dedicated computer, some other gear, and paid services to self-host for even a small-to-medium-size server with minimal plugins and mods. Your electricity bill when running a home server is also much higher. Cyber attacks, like DDoS, on self-hosted servers go after your personal IP, so they are also less safe.

Most people upgrade their self-hosted server to professional hosting after a short while because it is simpler to run and less time-consuming to manage, so you can put more effort into gaming or running your server. Professional hosting has dedicated servers and experts, ensuring it never crashes or gets hacked. Additional benefits like 24/7 emergency support, DDoS protection, FTP, and higher ram allotment make professional hosting the best option.

How Much Does a Minecraft Server Cost?

For a dedicated server, your server cost primarily depends on your RAM allotment, respective to the number of people who play on your server and the mods installed.

The cost of self-hosting also depends on the number of people who play and the mods installed because you may be able to get away with using a spare computer to run a small server. However, if your server grows, you may need to buy or build a new computer. Your electricity costs also skyrocket if you run a server from home.

Shared hosting is less expensive than a dedicated server and runs on a similar monthly price model. However, you are offered fewer benefits with shared hosting. Customer service, plugin options, and risk prevention are typically worse.

What are the Variables that Affect the Cost of a Minecraft Server?

  • Total Player Amount
  • The Type and Number of Plugins and Mods Installed
  • Required RAM
  • The Version it is Played On

ServerBlend: Create Your Minecraft Server with Ease!

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