Aug 21st *UPDATED* Emergency Reboot On SMITH2 at 00.10PM GMT

We will be performing an emergency restart on the SMITH2 node in 20 minutes. We apologize for any inconvenience. *Now completed* Please be advised that servers are starting up but may take longer than normal to be fully online. We advise you to let the server run its course as stopping it will only delay it coming back online. If I can assist ... Read More »

Jul 10th Ark Update V244.5

We advise all ARK server owners to backup their servers manually by file manager prior to using the new save feature released in update 244.5

This feature reduces load time for servers and also reduces save size.

Please see your TCAdmin notifications for more information.

Jul 7th Emergency Maintenance On Phoenix at 23.10PM GMT

We will be performing emergency maintenance on Phoenix node in 30 minutes at 23.10PM GMT. we expect this to last no longer than 30 minutes. 

Updates will be posted here.

May 27th Ark Mod Updater

We thank all who have so far been trying this new feature and providing feedback. This is vital to improve the tool going forward.

Should you experience any issues with this tool please do not hesitate to contact us directly via the support system so we are able to resolve these as quickly as possible.

May 21st *Completed* Essential LUNAR node restart. Today 17.08 GMT+1

We will be performing an essential restart on LUNAR in 30 minutes. This will cause TCAdmin to be unavailable in this time. 

Downtime will be minimal while this is performed. 

Please do not hesitate to contact support if you have any concerns, however TCAdmin will be available shortly after this.

May 21st ARK - Upcoming biome changes. ETA 30th May

With biome updates comes the possibility of affecting players, so we always ensure we let you know in advance so you can take the necessary steps to avoid it. Once the update lands on your server there is nothing we can physically do to revert this back as the changes are directly to the core game. Any buildings in the areas highlighted below are ... Read More »

May 20th Ark - Spawn Issue

There is currently an issue with update 241.2 that causes water creatures on 'TheCenter' map to spawn incorrectly. This is causing servers to utilize much more RAM than normal and potentially causing other stability issues for your game server.v241.3* Fixed ocean spawners continually overflow spawning on TheCenter Please update your server to the ... Read More »

May 18th **Completed** Scheduled Maintenance *OPAL/MOPRH* 19th at 11.00 GMT+1

**UPDATED: Please leave servers to start up, as 'START/STOP' will delay the process.On the 19th May at 11.00am GMT+1 time we are performing an essential restart on the OPAL and MORPH nodes. We expect the downtime to be no less than 30 minutesThis maintenance will cause your game server to go offline.This maintenance is aimed at optimising and ... Read More »

May 17th **Completed** Scheduled Maintenance *GUMPO* 18th at 15.00 GMT+1

On the 18th May at 15.00pm GMT+1 time we are performing maintenance on the GUMPO node for 2 hours. We expect the maintenance to last no longer than 1 hour.This maintenance will cause your game server to go offline, access to the server through the control panel will fluctuate during the maintenance, we ask that clients refrain from using their ... Read More »

May 17th *Updated* ARK Update - 241 - The Center and 241 issues.

Update 241 for ARK:Survival Evolved has just landed and this includes the new official map 'The Center' Your command line managers now include a new option for this new map. 'Default - The Center' You must also delete any old 'TheCenter' mod files by deleting Delete the folder and file named "614734500". Ths is if you used the mod version ... Read More »