This announcement contains information regarding the Space Enginers update today, on the 6th of August 2018

The Space Engineers update today changed something that caused our auto update system to after updating the server, not realise it was updated.
This caused it to go into an update loop where it would stop / start the game servers for update every 15 mins, until we turned off auto update and manually patched the servers.

- During this time, your server will have stopped / started, and you may have thought it was crashing, it was not, it was just stoping for the update.
- You will have likely seen "Lockdown" mode in the control panel, this is normal and happens when there's an update to prevent anything being done that would interrupt the update. 
- You may have experienced lag spikes and other issues during this time due to all servers stopping and starting multiple times. 

We can confirm that the issue has been resolved by turning off auto update and patching the servers manually, you may startup your game server again now.

Normally your server is started automatically again after the update, however due to us needing to patch it manually due to this issue, we did not know which were online or offline before the update. 

Please understand that on rare occasions there is a chance for an update to a game, to change something that our system uses, therefore causing issues like this, issues like this our out of our control.
It is a very rare occurance though, and is the first time it has happend in over a year.

We apologise for any inconvenience or disruption this issue may have caused and hope for your understanding on the matter.

Monday, August 6, 2018

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