TcAdmin maintenace - COMPLETE

***This has now been completed***We're currently doing some quick control panel maintenance on TcAdmin, we estimate it will be done within the next hour or 2. If the ARK patch due for today is released, we will either cut the maintenance short and start it up for you to update, or process updates manually depending on how far near completion we ... Read More »

30th Jan 2017
Maintenance On SMITH Node Is Complete

Maintenance is now complete on the SMITH node.

28th Jan 2017
SE Issue - 'Failed To Download Mods, Check World Settings'

At this time there is an issue within the Space Engineers community with servers and single player failing to download mods from the Steam network.Whilst this is outside of our control this may not allow you to join servers with mods active. Removing them allows you to do ... Read More »

27th Jan 2017
Maintenance On Neo Is Complete

Our planned maintenance period for Neo is now complete, we thank you for your patience.

Any queries please do not hesitate to contact our support team

22nd Jan 2017
Maintenance On SMITH2 Is Complete

Maintenance on SMITH2 is complete.

Any issues please do not hesitate to contact support.

21st Jan 2017
Maintenance Schedule *Important Information* *UPDATED*

We will be performing maintenance on your game server over the next week.Please check below for your relevant nodes scheduled downtime.Gumpo/Frodo/Phoenix - 18th January. 11AM - 5PM - COMPLETESmith2 - 21st January. 11AM - 11PM - COMPELTENeo - 22nd January. 11AM - 11PM - COMPLETESmith - 28th January. 11AM - 11PMĀ The maintenance times given above ... Read More »

16th Jan 2017